Wednesday, November 19, 2008

'56 Panorama & Fountains

OK, I admit it... today's photos are kind of "eh". I'd explain how it happened, but that would make things even worse! So, let's keep it short and sweet with two slides from 1956.

First up is this shot (taken from the Skyway) overlooking Sleeping Beauty Castle. I think that there is the "Christmas Bowl" stage over near that white Christmas tree. You can also see the entrance to Frontierland, and the area where the Monsanto House of the Future would eventually go. You can even see the roof of the Plantation House.

Here's a closeup detail of the fountains that used to grace the front of the Monsanto House of Chemistry... playful jets of water help to keep Tomorrowland from looking too sterile and lifeless. And if there was a breeze, you might get an unexpected shower as well.

Sorry about the lame post today!


TokyoMagic! said...

Never a lame post from you, stop that kind of talk right now!

Love the panorama from the Skyway. So both the 50's and '67 Tomorrowlands had fountains at their entrances, huh? And what do we get today? We get ugly brown rocks and a pile of space junk!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I like the fountains, nothing says "future" like bubbly fountains. Thanks! I think my bathroom has that same tile!

Katella Gate said...

Actually a great shot of the castle looking dead west. You can't get this angle anymore because the south flank of the Matterhorn blocks the view.

Anonymous said...

Super view of the castle and surrounds. BTW, I remember as a very young tyke that there were wheel valves in which guests could control the levels of the individual fountains. Really could see the difference at night when there were colored spots on each fountain. However, this may have been at POP since I have yet to see or hear of any such reference from others. It was a long time ago.

Steve Lochmiller said...

You are right about the Fountains with big valves with like a ships wheel on them. I played with them when I was a kid at Disneyland. I think I remember a cone shaped colored piece of metal that would ride up on the flow of water. It would go higher when you would allow more water to run through the valve. You are the first person I've heard of in years that also remembers these. Thanks as I thought I was losing it for a bit there.