Thursday, February 11, 2016

Special Guest Photos - The Devlin Family - Part 04

Today I am proud to present more photos from the Devlin family collection! Normally I would be more parsimonious and only share two (or so) at a time, but these four worked together as a set. All of them are from April 23rd, 1960. 

As you can see, the family was over by the Submarine Lagoon; clouds seem to have rolled in, but that isn't going to dampen their spirits. Joe sits near the Kodak "Picture Spot" sign (while the Monorail passes by) while Patrick takes it all in.

Well, Patrick is done, he's ready for the next adventure (or at least a box of popcorn). Meanwhile, brothers Mike and Joe, sisters Mary and Susan, Tom (that's the back of his head), and mom (Mary Jo) marvel at all of these new Tomorrowland wonders, which had been in the park for less than a year - presumably this was their first time seeing all of the attractions that were added in 1959.

Here's Pat again... I wonder if the family had been on the Subs yet? He might have been trying to remember everything, or imagining what it would be like.

Here's Tom (who so generously gave me these photos!) appearing lost in his thoughts.  "This lagoon needs some mermaids!". The shallow focus gives this photo a sort of dreamy quality. 

There are more Devlin family photos to come!


Nanook said...

Once again-

Thanks for sharing these Devlin Family images. These certainly capture precisely what so many millions of folks discover when they enter one of Walt's dreams come true: Pure wonder.

walterworld said...


The third pic of Pat trying to take it all in is quite good. Also the last one with Tom and the out-of-focus Skyway buckets, Sub, Rocket, etc....

Unknown said...

It's strange seeing ones younger self in old shots like these. I was there but just nothing in the memory banks. And I'd kill for a solid set of memories from this visit.

K. Martinez said...

What a great set. These images perfectly capture that sense of wonder a kid would feel upon visiting Walt's magical kingdom.

I love the flags atop the monorail station, the dark charcoal grey lagoon rockwork and the tomato red monorail in that first pic.

Patrick Devlin, Fortunately I still remember my first visit to Disneyland in 1963 when I was only three years old. I think my first exposure to Disneyland made such a huge impression on me that I never forgot it.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

These are some great photos, thanks for sharing. Alas a time when families were smartly dressed, well behaved and close together.

Love the blurry babushka in pic #1.

In pic #2 Pat thinks he's going to the movies cuz he's picking his seat.

Chuck said...

Another win!

I'd love to see how the photo Joe's taking in the first shot came out.

That last photo, the portrait of Tom, changed my perspective on vintage Disneyland photos. Usually, the images we see are composed and exposed to capture the uniqueness of Disneyland - a gigantic treehouse on the edge of a jungle wilderness or a pirate ship in a blue lagoon next to a half-buried, one-eyed, winking whale. For me, viewing a vintage photo often becomes an exercise in orientation and identification, sort of a Disneyland "I Spy" - "round Skyway buckets, monorail beam, sub lagoon, TWA Moonliner...must be Tomorrowland between 1959 and 1962."

This picture literally takes the focus off of the Park and instead places it on a person. Disneyland becomes a backdrop to human experience. Yes, Disneyland is a part - perhaps the defining part - of that experience, but it isn't the whole of the experience. Here's a family enjoying a day out together. They just happen to be at Disneyland.

I never thought about it before, but I think that was probably the experience of most of the people who took the photos we see here. Mr Devlin just did a better job than most of capturing the essence of that experience.

As always, thanks for sharing, Tom, Patrick, and Major.

Mark H. Besotted said...

It's great, if a little weird, to see so many memories of a single family. Thanks, Devlins.

And Major, you may think you're parsimonious with pictures, but at least you're magnanimous with awesome words. Also, bulbous bouffant.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I agree with you! I’d like to think that the kids of today have the same feeling of wonder.

walterworld, I only wish my family had photos like this as a reminder of our many trips to Disneyland.

Patrick Devlin, you look like you were about four years old… I know that I don’t have many memories of anything from when I was that age! Just random images of random events.

K. Marteinz, I am glad you like the flags, and apologize for the complete lack of telephone poles. I asked my mom if she remembered when she first took us to Disneyland, and she had no idea. All she knew is that I was “pretty little”!

Alonzo, I only wear my dressiest thong and cut-off sweat shirt when I go to the park. Your babushka comment made me realize that Melissa has been MIA for quite a while.

Chuck, nice comment! Maybe you need to do a blog?! It’s funny, I was just communicating with a fellow GDB reader who thinks he might have some early family Disneyland photos, but thought that they might not be desirable because they would probably mostly be of people. As far as I’m concerned, that would NOT be a negative, and it sounds like you (and others) would enjoy them as well. I hope he can find his family photos.

Mark H. Besotted, your circumspection is surpassed only by your perspicaciousness.

K. Martinez said...

Major, But there are telephone poles in these here photos! I just know the creature is lurking somewhere near the lagoon.

And let the fellow GDB reader know that we'd love them to share their early Disneyland family photos. I'm definitely interested.

Sunday Night said...

Check out the guy taking the picture in the first photo. He is almost in exactly the same position as the silhouette cutout of the guy on the "Picture Spot" sign!

Wonderful pics. Thanks for sharing.

Monkey Cage Kurt said...

These really are great, and the Major’s narration did indeed capture the underlining awe of them. The latter two portraits are exceptional. I LOVE that last one the most! It really does capture the innocents and wonderment of a child in the midst of a fantasy world.

I also thought of our beloved Melissa when I got to the “babushka” line. May God richly bless you our dear old friend, wherever you are.

Thanks Major and thank you also Devlin Family!

Chuck said...

Been thinking about Melissa, too, since the surrey with the fringe on top a week or so ago. We miss your fun commentary, dear Disneyland sister, and I echo MCK's comments above.

Anonymous said...

Big thanks to the Devlin Family for sharing these. That's a great shot of the little crew-cut kid looking at the lagoon. Might have been me.

The comments are as special as the pictures, thanks everyone.

@Alonzo, LOL, my mom used to say that too.