Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Knott's Ghost Town, October 1967

Here are some nice views of Knott's Berry Farm's wonderful Ghost Town, circa 1967. I love the peaceful, laid-back atmosphere. In a few years, the Log Ride would open, and many changes would occur at Knott's (charging admission, for instance), which would alter the park forever.

The California state flag flies proudly over Main Street. Handsome Brady and Whiskey Bill are fenced off, clearly a murder has taken place on their laps. Again.

Over on Stage Road we can see the Candle Kitchen to the right, and the Ghost Town Office to the left. If you need a wagon wheel, you've come to the right place.

And one last look, with the familiar Arastra to our right - I'm glad that the mule is getting some shade. Trees, trees everywhere, it looks so great. They're all gone now, as far as I know.


K. Martinez said...

There's just something about eucalyptus trees and Knott's Berry Farm together.

They may be faded and foggy memories, but I do remember Knott’s in its admission-free days. Right after they started charging to get in, the amusement rides showed up. I can only figure it must’ve been in response to the coming of Magic Mountain up north.

Great set of Knott’s images this morning Thanks, Major.

Snow White Archive said...

What a wonderfully peaceful atmosphere. Too bad the trees are gone; they add a lot to the setting.

Irene said...

The reason Mr. Knott began to charge admission is because the hippies (darn hippies!) started to take over the park and were sleeping there overnight, and other stuff. The letter explaining to his employees why he was going to fence off the park and begin charging is on display along with other Knotts family memorabilia in the Chicken Dinner Restaurant. I was just there for breakfast and perused everything in that display case! Also, yes sadly most of the trees are gone but there are a few left.

Melissa said...

What kind of a sap would cut down all those trees? I'll go out on a limb and say it's the worst thing I ever saw!

TokyoMagic! said...

Melissa, I wonder what Walter Knott WOOD say about the loss of his trees?

That employee letter that Irene mentioned about the fence going up can be seen here: Walter Knott letter from March 1968

Just scroll down to the very last photo in the post.

keeline said...

Eucalyptus trees have very dense branches. When they become diseased and a branch falls, it can be an injurious combination. In San Diego where these trees have also been common due to an Australia-like climate, many are being removed due to safety concerns.