Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's a Small World, January 1975

It's a world of laughter, a world of tears. You said it, Sherman brothers! "It's a Small World" makes some of us smile, and brings some of us to tears. It makes me itchy, but I like being itchy. In 1975, Bank of America really needed you to know that they were the sponsors of this attraction. I can understand why some folks find the sign to be a bit much; at the same time, it's a detail that takes me back to the years before I became jaded and cynical and full of ennui. I especially remember the signs as your boat exited the ride. "Bank of America" = a ride I love at Disneyland.

It's so bright and sunny that the jackets and hats look a bit out of place. Check out the teenager, he is clearly NOT keeping his hands and arms inside the vehicle at all times. Mere seconds after this photo was taken, his finger was ripped off when it got caught in a crevice and the boat kept on going. We warned you, punk! So much for your career as a concert pianist.

Not many people realize that this is a topiary of a balloon giraffe. The ears are a dead giveaway. I still love the topiaries, especially the sea serpent (not seen here, unfortunately).


Nancy said...

looks like everyone wants to get happy this day, lots of ppl waiting to ride!

the gent in the back of not concert pianist's boat seems to have quite the opposite reaction to the wall there....he is NOT going to touch it for anything!

i love this ride and the song :-)

JG said...

My feelings about this attraction have run the gamut from love to hate and back to love again.

During High School, I was the only guy who would ride it with the girls, so that was OK. But the song drove me nuts.

Now, like everything else in Disneyland, I love it, for much the same reasons that you cite, Major.

Thank you for these.


Orange Co Native said...

Has anyone heard the rumor? To capitalize on the pirate craze, Disney is going to re-theme Small World with pirates like they did with Tom Sawyer Island. Wait a minute. There already is a boat ride with pirates in New Orleans Square. Oh well.

Well anyway. Pirates on Tom Sawyer Island, pirates in Small World and Fantasy Land. The more, the better I guess. I guess Captain Hook over at Peter Pan will have some competition.

Next up will be the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Take out the snow monster. Swiss pirates to scare you at every turn.

Great photos Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Major, once again, I laughed out loud at your commentary, but I laughed even harder when I actually saw the photo of the guy and the way that he is touching the wall.

Nancy is right, the guy in the back row almost seems to be repelled by the wall!

OCN, I thought they were taking out the SW dolls and making it a Pixies and Princesses ride.

Connie Moreno said...

LOL, all of yooos guys crack me up!