Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Fantasy On Parade, January 1975

Parades go with Disneyland like mashed potatoes go with turkey. Since the earliest days - even opening day, yea verily - there have been marching bands and costumed characters of one kind of another. "Fantasy on Parade" made its debut December 1966, and it continued on for many years. Here are some photos of the 1975 version (or maybe it's the late 1974 version).

There's the McDonald's All-American Band. Hopefully no Russkies have infiltrated it, sending all of our top parade secrets to the commies. Did they put seats or bleachers along Main Street for this parade?

It's shameful that these guys are parading in their street clothes. Don't YOU dress like that every day?

Sorcerer's apprentice Mickey leads an army of bucket-bearing brooms. Trippy.

Fantasia must have been recently re-released! Here are ostriches, a hippo, and an alligator, as seen in the "Dance of the Hours" segment of that movie.

Characters from "The Aristocats" (one of my less-favorite animated features) ride in a splendid blue buggy. There's Madame Bonfamilie waving, while the cats themselves are represented by itty-bitty dolls.


TokyoMagic! said...

I love vintage parade pics, Major...and these are a hoot! I thought you were kidding about the McDonald's Band until I enlarged the photo! And I never knew they ever had an Aristocats unit in a parade. The goose character looks a little freaky towering over them like that. Just to the right of the horse in that pic, there is a kid sitting on the curb holding a blue Disneyland pennant. I just realized that we don't see too many of the old souvenir pennants in vintage photos.

TokyoMagic! said...

Oh...and Vintage DL Tickets has the entertainment guide for this '74/'75 Xmas season at DL. It includes a pic of Mickey with the brooms on the cover: Fantasy On Parade 1974

Connie Moreno said...

These are classic! I seem to remember they used to line up benches along the hub for parades. When I saw the Frontierland sign in the background, I knew I had the right location. I love these pics.

Major Pepperidge said...

TM!, I'm glad you like the parade pics... I admit that I generally get annoyed when I find a group of parade photos. "Oh no!". However I do sometimes like the goofy old costumes and floats. Thanks for the link to Vintage Disneyland Tickets' flyer!

Connie, it does sort of look like they use benches. Wonder if they placed them there, removed them, and then placed them there again for the later performance?

Nancy said...

so many pepple...wish we were there! when i hear of the McDonald's Band it makes me think of the Macy's parade.

that second group of unfortunate folks wearing the tights, is that a Disneyland group of some sort? they appear to be sporting the Disney "D" on their tops

TM, too bad that pennant is folded over onto itself...wonder which one it is??

great photos today, David :D

Orange Co Native said...

It makes one wonder if they keep all the props and costumes as the years go by. I wonder if Disney has that open coach stored away somewhere. I know they have warehouses behind Disneyland, but I wonder when something is thrown out

JG said...

The more I study these pics, the more I am sure I vaguely remember this parade. 73-74, right in the middle of my years.

Brooms, buckets, cats, ostriches, hippopotami...oh my.

Sounds like something you'd find today on the news about a Congressman's cocktail party.

Thanks for great pics Major.


Katella Gate said...

You all realize that the guy playing Edgar is the ONLY person in the parade instructed to hunch over, frown, and NOT wave to the crowd...