Friday, February 09, 2007

Tomorrowland Views, October 1960

Here are two nice views of Tomorrowland, taken on the same day in 1960. In this first image, the Matterhorn looks very impressive (maybe even majestic) as it towers above the three ladies in front of us (one of them is wearing a souvenir hat).

This second images has an "early morning" look about it (or is it just the lower autumn sun?)...there are hardly any people visible. October must have been a good time to go! To our right, there appears to be a construction wall in front of the Hall of Chemistry.

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Debbie V. said...

This view is the one I remember most when I think of Tomorrowland. To the left you can see America the Beautiful, a wonderful 4-way movie of all over the U.S. We stood inside in a group, around us were four screens, one in each direction. So that if you faced forward, and looked to the rear or the side, it would be just like you were in the movie. I loved it. (as well as the Carousel of Progress and the Hall of Chemistry and all of these exhibits. It was so wonderful how you could go from Fantasyland to Tommorland and be in a totally new world. Ahh..those were the days.