Saturday, February 24, 2007

Fantasyland details, June 1958

Arg, why is it that so many slides that would otherwise be amazing turn out to be blurry? Such is the case with this view overlooking Fantasyland. What I wouldn't give to make this a clear photo of the Fantasyland Viewliner station (with blue Viewliner)! And there's the Fantasyland train station as well.

There's a curved, paved pathway that I presume went around (or partially on) Snow Hill (or Holiday Hill or whatever it was called). In a matter of months the whole thing would be gone, and the hill and Viewliner would be replace by attractions that nobody remembers much today (!!!).

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cdubya2000 said...

The Viewliner...Now that goes WAY back. Long gone before I showed up in '73. Too bad the guy who took the pic didn't get the focus right.

Neat anyway though...Thanks