Saturday, February 17, 2007

Plantation House

This view of the Plantation House is very similar to one that I posted way back on June 6, 2006. Judging by the growth of the foliage, this one was taken later. The "OPEN" sign is still present, although construction walls are surrounding the first floor. All of the outdoor seating has been removed as well. Since the slide is undated it is hard to guess exactly what was going on. I think that the photo was taken during the late 50's, so I don't believe the walls had anything to do with the impending construction of the Haunted Mansion's exterior or other early New Orleans Square additions.

Any ideas?


Mojave said...

No ideas, sorry, but definitely not related to the Haunted Mansion, which is way too far from this area to matter.

I also noticed there are people on the top floor, so I think it was simply refurb of the bottom floor. Maybe?

Anonymous said...

To our eye this appears to be a simple enlargement of the outdoor patio area. Perhaps to increase the amount of river view dining available to guests. The doors on the opposite 'pueblo side' of the building appear to be open and in use.