Monday, February 05, 2007

Pack Mules

Looks like them pack mules picked up a passle of young'uns. I would have wanted to ride a white one, and I would have named him "Ghosty" (girls, you can call him "Snowflake"). Giddyap! In the background, the old dark-green Mine Train awaits a new batch of passengers. The engineer is probably catching a bite to eat in Mother Murphy Meals.

In this second photo, we've been riding through the Living Desert, and just passed beneath the Natural Arch. As we turn and look behind us, we can see some of the Mules crossing the bridge. The rockwork on the bridge isn't as sophisticated as other's almost a throwback to older amusement parks. I do like the addition of the streaks of minerals running down the face of the arch!

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Anonymous said...

I'm not familiar with the layout of the paths/tracks for this attraction. Is it possible that economies were taken in the construction of this rockwork because guests never actually looked at it face on?

The photo suggests that the mule riders would only see the trail below them, while the folks in the foreground have their backs to it.

PS, for some reason GOOGLE won't let me sign in for the last few days under my account name (Katella Gate)