Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Columbia, Gem of the Ocean

Let's take a look at the Columbia today! In the first image, this tribute to the first American ship to sail around the world is brand spankin' new, having debuted less than a month earlier (the "below decks" museum wouldn't be opened for another six years). Is that the little riverfront gazebo to the left? Looks like the Strawhatters would be playing sometime later.

In this second photo (from 1961), we get a deck's-eye view of things. Looks pretty crowded. Cascade Peak is dead ahead, if you look closely you can see the bighorn sheep (only the pointy bits at this angle). A little girl is more interested in the boat than the scenery. You can see in this photo how beautifully crafted the Columbia is, no detail was too small.


Anonymous said...

Small correction: Cascade Peak is nearly dead astern of the Columbia. The American flag is at the stern of the ship, as shown in the first pic.
But still, it's an interesting and unusual photo. There aren't many taken on-board that aren't views of the shoreline interests.

Tinker Bell said...

Quite a majestic ship, isn't it? A bit of Walt's Disneyland that I hope will always remain... and please God, never christened The Black Pearl! The Columbia is an historic replica, not Hollywood.

Debbie V. said...

Thanks again for these photos of Rainbow Ridge and the Pack Mules. I almost always got to be on the last horse (tall for my age). It was nice that adults and children could ride together (although my parents wouldn't be caught dead on a horse).
This aspect of integrating the rides(the pack mules and the mine train) is one of the things I love about Disneyland. I guess that is what is meant by "themed". It wasn't just about the ride itself, it was about everything that surrounded you. Somehow Disneyland had a magic way of connecting things together.

Marty Weil said...

Cool stuff...I'd like to profile a collector of vintage Disney images on my blog (send me an email if you're interested in being featured along with items from your collection).

Amazon Belle said...

Great photos Major! This was by far my favorite attraction to work. However, what really makes the shot interesting to me (beyond the Big Horn Sheep on Cascade Peak) is the small boat (or scull?). This was long removed before 1986. It is sitting on the hatch where guest could go below and, “see how sailors of the 1790 lived and worked while on the open sea.”