Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Disneyland Details, 1958

I have a bunch of slides taken in June, 1958...they are nice, although the photographer had a maddening tendency to take long-distance images. Very few nice clear closeups. And while this is a bit disappointing, I have discovered some interesting details along the way.

First up is this not-especially-remarkable photo looking down on the Casey Jr. track. Casey's not even in the picture to liven things up! But I do like the view of the "backstage" areas. In the distance, you can see the red barn and other buildings (as well as some great 50's automobiles) that were part of Owen Pope's stables for the various horses and mules used throughout the park.

Below is a closeup. You can also see a guard gate, complete with guard! I'm sure his name was Clancy, and he kept ne'er-do-wells and sneaky kids from getting into the park for free. Wonder if he was armed?

When I first looked at the photo below, I thought it was one of those mysterious "pictures of nothing" that you see once in a while. But then I noticed something on top of the rock.

By gum, it's a horse! There were many animals that were visible from Frontierland (maybe this was taken from the Mark Twain), but I did not know that Stormy (that's the name I've given him) watched over us with an intelligent gaze. I feel safer just knowing that he's there...if I fell in the water he'd fetch help, and then vanish mysteriously. (I know, I need a life). I've provided a detail below, and lightened it a bit to make him more easy to see. Sorry about the off-kilter colors...even though these are Kodachromes, they seem to have shifted somewhat.


Merlinsguy said...

Details, details. I have a faint memory of the horse, and a strong memory of the red barn.

Hrundi V. Bakshi said...

Stormy! Timmy has fallen in the well! Go get help!

Anonymous said...

Stormy? Wasn't that Aquaman's Seahorse? Don't mix up your franchises or Hanna-Barbera/D.C. Comix are gonna come get you!

-Katella Gate (Google Blogger STILL won't let me sign on)

Amazon Belle said...

I believe Stormy's rider “Chief Auto Parts” has been moved to the Animation Shop for a little work on (or in) his pneumatic arm that would go up and down. I find it interesting that they would leave his horse sitting out there all alone (those Indians really need to tether their horses better). Great photo of Owen Pope’s Pony Farm too. Keep ‘em coming!

Anonymous said...

amazon belle - That horse stood out there alone, without any rider. It was a little odd - but 'that's the way it was'.