Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Bear Country 1964, and more

These dusty old bears don't need to pilfer "picanic baskets", there's plenty of fish in Bear Country. The narration from the mine train describes the bears as "lazy", because all they do is scratch and sniff and swim (that is, when they ain't sleepin'). I always expected the narrator to comment on how he wished he was a bear, or something along those lines!! But somehow that darn pre-recorded spiel never read my mind. (My mouse ears were lined with foil to prevent the Russian microwaves from scrambling my thoughts, so maybe that was the problem).

At the risk of repeating myself (again!), look at that landscaping, it is amazing how convincing it looks...you really believe that the "river" goes back and back, and the wilderness continues up the valley (possibly to some snow covered mountain range!).

And speaking of snow covered mountain ranges, here is another vintage photo ('58?) of Storybook Land for Perky Pickle. Maybe the buildings you were looking for are in this picture! If not...well I tried.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Nice shot of the bears. I agree the landscaping definitely made the illusion of reality and that there was vast wilderness to be explored.

TiKiMOOSE said...

I hear bears like that may actually find their way to the grizzly river rapids mountain in DCA, which would be a GREAT improvement for that ride! Lets keep our fingers crossed.

Tinker Bell said...

That top shot is so convincing. It looks completely real!
Nice Storybook land photo as well. I'm actually painting a scene from that attraction. Very fun!