Monday, February 26, 2007

Omnibus, June 1958

Here's a terrific look at one of the Omnibuses during the introduction of the wonderful Grand Canyon Diorama (which opened on March 31, 1958). It's the largest in the world, folks. Tell me you've seen a larger diorama. Can't do it, can you?

There was an auction years ago that had one of the strips of "mini posters" from the Omnibus, I sure wish I had made a bid! But that was from before the days when I even dreamed of owning an attraction posters. Those bus versions have to be terribly rare.

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Anonymous said...

In the background on the left is the firehouse with something I've never noticed before. Does the firehouse still have that tower at the rear of the building? Was it removed or is it just obscured now that the Jungle Cruse foliage has matured?

-Still unable to sign in
Katella Gate