Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Random Stuff, 1968 & 1969

I threw some darts at my computer and selected two random photos for today's post.

Here's a somewhat different view of the Matterhorn, taken on the Main Street side of the Plaza Inn, circa August 1969. Yellow and white umbrellas always make me think of that restaurant. I wish we could see the menu board to the left more clearly. Tomorrowland palm trees juxtaposed against the snow-capped Matterhorn works just fine, thank you. 

I like how the two teenagers in the foreground are dressed in a neat and tidy manner, while the two grown men to their left are considerably more casual.

I am always happy to see the wonderful Swiss Family Treehouse - what a feat of Imagineering! It is absolutely convincing as a real tree. I'm sure that every kid (and more than a few adults) wished they could live in an arboreal abode like this. Sturdy steps lead up to various rooms, each providing a more spectacular view of the park below, while the Rube Goldberg waterworks provide constant kinetic energy (and fresh water!). 


Nanook said...


It would be a hoot to see what that menu board had to say. As far as those lads are concerned - "neat and tidy" is just the beginning. Check out those razor-sharp creases on the pants of the young gentleman on the left-! Wow.

Thanks, Major.

K. Martinez said...

One of my favorites sights now gone from Disneyland are the palm trees juxtaposed again the Matterhorn. It heightened that sense of fantasy. I sure do miss the Swiss Family Robinson. Thanks, Major.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

I agree with you Major. I can picture my Dad standing in front of that board trying to figure out how much lunch/dinner is going to cost him for the whole family. In those days it was budget with what you brung or march down the street and cash a check at Bank of America (no ATM yet).

One of my all time favs is the treehouse. I wanted to live in it (with Janet Munro of course, sorry Fritz).

Thanks for throwing darts, bullseye!

K. Martinez said...

Alonzo P Hawk, I remember cashing checks at the Bank of America in Disneyland back in the 1970's. And yes, with Janet Munro. What a beautiful woman she was.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, this was that brief period when Eskimo food was all the rage, so there was muktuk and whale meat, seal hot dogs, walrus burgers… it was delish!

K. Martinez, are all of those old palm trees gone? If so… frowny face.

Alonzo, I was much to clueless to be aware of how much money my parents (or grandparents) were spending back then. I was in my own little world! I sure that my Navy dad was definitely thinking about what everything was costing though. Ah, Janet Munro, she was lovely.

K. Martinez, you were cashing checks with Janet Munro?!?!?

TokyoMagic! said...

I used to pick up my friend after school/college on Fridays and go to Knott's to pick up my paycheck. We'd hang out in the park for a little bit and then head over to Disneyland where I would cash my paycheck at that Bank of America on Main St. The tellers always seemed to get a kick out of the fact that it was a Knott's paycheck being cashed at Disneyland.

Ken, I used to love that view of the palm trees against the Matterhorn too! Believe it or not (or maybe you remember) you first got that view as soon as you passed through the left entrance tunnel into Town Square. I took several pics from that angle before they removed those trees. I have wondered if they were dug up or if they were just cut down. I have many construction pics of the Tomorrowland entrance, but the trees were already gone. Just think, they may have used them again somewhere else (however, I doubt it) around the hotels, Downtown Disney, etc.

Anonymous said...

Ha, Major. I'm like you, no idea what anything cost for sure in 1969. I recall once as a little boy, I watched my Dad counting out money to take on our forthcoming trip. I was amazed that he had a $100 bill along with some smaller notes. I had never seen a Benjamin before. He laughed that the weekend trip to Disney would take it all.

So, having just returned from five days in Disney's clutches, I can confirm that they will take all you have, just like 45 years ago. It's still fun.


K. Martinez said...

Major, as TokyoMagic! mentioned, the palm trees are gone. Not sure if they were destroyed or relocated. Yes, Janet and I had quite a good time after cashing those checks.

Janet Munro wanted to shed her squeaky clean Disney image. Right after "Swiss Family Robinson" she starred in one of my favorite movies, Val Guest's brilliant 1961 film "The Day the Earth Caught Fire" in which she did brief scenes of nudity in the film. Unfortunately she had a troubled life and died young.

Nanook said...

@ Ken-

It's funny you should mention The Day the Earth Caught Fire, as I have a lobby card from that film: "The Incredible Becomes Real!" Yes, no doubt.

TokyoMagic! said...

Ken, I've been thinking about your first comment about how you liked the view of the Tomorrolwand entrance palm trees juxtaposed against the Matterhorn. I scanned the photos I took of that view from Town Square (in January of 1998), just before the palm trees were removed forever. I've posted the pics here if you would like to see them: Tomorrowland Palm Trees From Main St.

K. Martinez said...

TokyoMagic!, That is so cool! Thanks for posting those. I do remember that view now. It's amazing what pulls out the memory file just from seeing a couple of photos. Thanks!!!