Wednesday, December 09, 2015

More Rescans - Dusk in Frontierland, January 1962

It's time for more rescans - my attempts to improve some old scans that didn't look so hot.

Both of these are dated "January 1962", and were taken as night was approaching... everything is mysterious and dark, and tinted in shades of indigo. I think this first one is pretty neat, showing the Friendly Indian Village as seen from the Columbia. It looks so cool with the fires blazing away - presumably these weren't lit all day (though they might have been). 

Here's the original scan from 2007. It's way too purple, and very grainy. The rescan was worth it!

Next comes a photo taken from the Mark Twain looking back toward Rainbow Ridge, with the Old Mill in the foreground. There's a lot of atmosphere to soften the background into a blue-green haze. I would imagine that it wouldn't be long until all guests had to leave Tom Sawyer Island, which closed at dusk.

I originally posted this one in 2006, and yeesh, it is terrible. Grainy, unclear, bad color... I am glad I revisited this one.

There are a few more dusk images from this lot that I never scanned, but you'll see them here very soon!


Nanook said...


Both of these are really nice - especially as they are both shot at the "magic hour" - as dusk descends upon the Magic Kingdom. Love them fires, too-!

Thanks, Major, for the rescans.

Mark H. Besotted said...

Gorgeous. Well done, photographer, and well done Major.

Scott Lane said...

:Insert Facebook Thumbs Up here:

Don't know what you paid for that new scanner but it was worth it. The re-scans have all been beautiful so far. Loving these two with all that Southern California smog - er, I mean, atmosphere.

K. Martinez said...

The Old Mill photo is a beauty. Does the guy in white standing at the end of the pier have a fishing pole sticking out over the edge of the pier?

Anonymous said...

These could be scenes from the real world.

Are they real or are they re-scans? Only the Major knows for sure.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I really love these, even though there is nothing super-exciting about them. As I’ve mentioned before, twilight or nighttime trips on the Mark Twain are the ultimate Disneyland experience for me.

Mark Besotted, I agree, kudos to the photographer for taking these!

Kenneth Lane, it was an expensive scanner, but I am very happy with it! I’m always pointing out the smog in old photos, but I think this might actually be a less-toxic misty evening!

K. Martinez, I can’t tell if the guy has a fishing pole or not… the picture is just too indistinct, unfortunately.

JG, what is this “real world” of which you speak?

Matthew said...

Hi Major,

One minor correction, your photographer is actually aboard the Mark Twain (not the Columbia) for both photos. The first one of the Friendly Indian Village is looking past the cargo hoist & rigging (both operational).

I do love those real fires the Indian's used to keep. Something wonderful about that level of authenticity amongst the village. Beautiful re-scans and well worth it.

Always your pal,
Amazon Belle