Wednesday, July 25, 2012

New York World's Fair, May 1964

I was lazy today, so I just took the first four scans from my '64 New York World's Fair folder and posted them in order.

This fella is pretty happy to have just arrived (via train)... and I don't blame him. Just think of all the wonders he will see! Plus he can eat a waffle with whipped cream and strawberries. Oh man. Anyway, I can't remember what that tower just over his shoulder is called. It looks like it is made up of stacked folding chairs. To the right of that you can see the RCA building. Just past the moon berry is the dome from the "World's Fair Pavilion" (which would become the Churchill - as in "Winston" - pavilion in 1965); The tower of the Coca Cola pavilion is just visible, and beyond that, General Electric's "Progressland"!

Aw yeeeeaaaahhhh! Looking across Grand Central Parkway, we see an awesome view of the Ford pavilion. The vast rotunda is surrounded by 64 100-foot pylons, resembling some strange alien skeleton. In the curving hamster habitrail, several of the converted late-model Fords glide smoothly toward what I believe is the end of the "Magic Skyway" ride.  Most of you are already aware that the ride system became the basis for Disneyland's "Peoplemover".

Right near the Ford pavilion, you'll find the Lowenbrau Gardens. According to the invaluable, The brewers of Lowenbrau, a Bavarian beer, have reconstructed an open-air Bavarian-style restaurant set in a village square. The square is surrounded by five buildings, including a bell tower and gate. Three of the buildings are service areas for the restaurant. Every now and again, Lowenbrau's brewery wagon, drawn by four massive horses, can be seen in the street outside, or traveling about the fairgrounds. So now you know.

If the Lowenbrau horses and the Budweiser Clydesdales got into a rumble, who would win? Yes, of course they would be using pool cues as weapons.


Anonymous said...

That first photo is exactly why you go to the World's Fair. Where else could you see a tower made of stacked folding chairs and a cowboy wearing an orange leather jacket at the same time? And then you can go to the vast rotunda surrounded by 64 100-foot pythons.

Those were the days!!

Bill in Denver

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Not sure but that cowboy might be Cal Worthington (with camera, sans his dog spot).

Warning. regional joke, anyone not from so. cal in the 70's please disregard.

Snow White Archive said...

What the heck are those blue cone-like things lining the water front of the Lowenbrau Gardens? Chairs? I can't imagine anyone being able to extricate themselves once they've sat down...particularly after you've had a few. :)

K. Martinez said...

APH, I'm from Nor. Cal, but I remember those commercials when I stayed with my cousins in Culver City many a summer in the 1970s.

I'm curious about those Lowenbrau blue "chairs" too. Maybe people dipped their feet into the water for relief from walking. Interesting to say the least.

Bill Cotter said...

There was one of those "stackable chair" towers at each of the entrances. You can still see the base for one over near the Hall of Science.

The blue chairs were actually at the Chrysler pavilion and ringed the fountain area there. They may not look comfortable in that picture but they sure were appreciated when you wanted to rest your feet from hiking the fair site. Unless you've been there you can't appreciate how big the place is. A few of them survive today and are owned by collectors.

Anonymous said...


Oh, I remember "Go See Cal", that's part of the soundtrack to my Magic Lamp Motel Disneyland visit memories.

Thanks for recalling that for me.

Major Pepperidge said...

Bill, I only wish that the first photo was backlit… makes everything kind of gray. Meanwhile, the second photo with the 100 foot pythons is more like it!

Alonzo, I will stand upon my head 'til my ears are turning red.

Snow White Archive, yes, those are chairs, as Bill Cotter informs us. I think they look kind of neat in a mid-century modern sort of way.

K. Martinez, old Cal Worthington is still at it, I just saw one of his commercials the other day.

Bill, thanks as always for the information. And I can imagine that a place to rest your weary feet would be welcome - and probably hard to find at the time.

Anon, I wonder if Cal knows how big a part of SoCal life he has been?!

Nancy said...

What a pretty set today! A sunny day always makes things nicer :-)

The Ford pav. reminds me of something out of the Flintstones, as Major said has a skeleton look. I wish they had left these things for us to enjoy

The horses are gorgeous, wish we could see them better. I have always thought those chairs were cool, I would have sat in one for a snap!

Hannahx2 said...

Ford's Magic Skyway would have been first on my agenda if I had been so lucky to go to the Fair. After, aforementioned waffle and a visit to Crump's Tower :)

Melissa said...

The Ford pavilion makes me think of a crown roast.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, I forget, did you get to go to the Fair?

Hannahx2, if you were over by the Ford pavilion, you might as well visit GM's "Futurama" too. Not Disney, but still pretty amazing.

Melissa, a crown roast after piranhas got done with it!

Nancy said...

Sadly, no. We dont live all that far from NYC in Pittsburgh, but i have the feeling my parents figured we were too young, with me the oldest of three turning only 8 years old in 1964. My youngest sister was only just 4 in 1965. :(

I think they should do it again now that I can go myself!!

Anonymous said...

Major- Thanks for the great World's Fair pictures. They're my favorite part of your blog! Dennis, Levittown, LI, NY

Melissa said...

As long as it's not one of those frankfurter crown roasts.