Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jungle Cruise, September 1966

I know we're supposed to wave "goodbye" to each boatload of Disneyland guests as they vanish into the jungles of Adventureland, but I never do. I love those people too much. Each one of them has a story, and at least one of those stories is interesting. When a boat returns safely, I fall to my knees and praise the heavens. In other words, I like drama.

I've always enjoyed the strangeness of this scene; a pride of lions is feasting on their latest kill, a juicy delicious zebra. It's OK, it's the Circle of Life! But all of the other animals sit there, staring like spectators at a baseball game. Maybe it's time to head for ze hills.

A strange, giant yellow and orange striped amoeba is about to envelope the photographer just as he was going to snap a photo of the "lost safari". I saw that happen in "The Blob", and it is no joke. Hopefully the skipper has a CO2 fire extinguisher nearby, that'll teach that blob a lesson that it won't soon forget.


TokyoMagic! said...

Funny, today I was just reading about things that have been removed from the Jungle Cruise. It was on Wikipedia, so we know it has to be accurate! It mentioned two lionesses fighting over a chunk of zebra meat. That must be them on the far left of your second pic (behind the tree). And it also mentioned two African wild dogs that were barking at the pride of lions. I guess that's them in the center of the pic.

Beware of the blob! It creeps, and leaps.....

Katella Gate said...

Funny Funny Funny. You need to dig out a bunch of disjointed Jungle Cruise pictures and give us your own version of the show.

Tom said...

I guess I've never really watched the boats disappear into the jungle like in that first picture; I've either been waiting in line and distracted by the spot-on theming or been on the boat and looking back at the dock.
Anyway I really like that first shot; makes the jungle seem all the more mysterious.

K. Martinez said...

Mentioning the Blob, makes me think of how cool it would be to have a holiday overlay of the Jungle Cruise for Halloween. Something along the lines of a swamp creature or voodoo/zombie theme.

I'm really enjoying the Adventureland posts the last two days. Thanks!

Katella Gate said...

OK, now a serious post (or as serious as it's going to get).

I really want to compliment the Disneyland grounds keeping staff and landscape architects. Looking at these older photos you realize that in the 60-70's the jungle was just, well, "overgrown". Very dense, but just packed to the gills with green stuff.

It seems to me that a lot of this has been trimmed back in a way that it still looks mysterious, but no longer just an impenetrable thicket.

Also, they've gotten enough experience that they no longer rely on well known SoCal standards like oleander and bougainvillea.

(and at moments like this, I really love spell-check).

Connie Moreno said...

Ah, Major....I love starting my mornings with you. I mean with your blog!

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic!, I know that little details have come and gone over the years; I've noticed elephants in the bathing pool appearing and disappearing in a matter of months (according to the dates on the slides).

Katella, by golly I just might do it!

Tom, I agree… I've always liked that dark tunnel of vegetation (now with the added water mist) to make you feel like you are entering a different place.

K. Martinez, that is an interesting idea. With Halloween making more and more of an impact on the Anaheim park, maybe it could actually happen.

Katella, I have a friend who also recalls that the jungle had become overgrown; I don't recall that, but probably wasn't that observant either. Too focused on the animatronic elephants and hippos! And yes, bougainvillea is a tough one for sure!

Connie, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I am everlastingly grateful that they never tried to "plus" this ride with the "Lion King", the references to "Tarzan" were bad enough.

The soundtrack of my nightmares is from the "Lion King"...