Friday, July 27, 2012

Conestoga Wagon and Mules, September 1959

Today I have two excellent vintage images from Frontierland! Starting with this great shot of one of the Conestoga Wagons. This ride wouldn't be around much longer, because it just wasn't economically feasible to travel all the way to Oregon and back. Makes sense now that I think about it. A handy shovel (to the right) was used for... "emissions". Notice all of the frontier equipment strapped to the side of the wagon; an axe, a washboard, various digging implements, and so on. I'm sure that this ride was bumpy but fun.

Speaking of fun, what's more fun than a mule? Nothing, that's what. How cool would it have been to take a leisurely trip through Nature's Wonderland! I wonder how long it took compared to the Mine Train. Of course the mules didn't go through Rainbow Caverns because mules are notoriously claustrophobic. 

Say, that lady on the right is holding stuff... 

Well, she has folded her souvenir guidebook in half, so points have been deducted. But what the heck is that thing showing somebody on a bicycle? A rare gate handout? Anyone? Bueller? 


Caspian said...

Looks like a print on her purse.


Nanook said...

What tremendous images. And nice and sharp, too boot. Thanks, Major.

TokyoMagic! said...

Terrific photos, Major! I agree with Caspian, it looks like that image is printed on the lady's purse.

Just look at those steps used for climbing into the Conestoga Wagon! They are severely angled. It looks like there is a cast member helping people in, but how on earth did women in heels navigate those steps? Oh wait, that's right....women never wore heels to Disneyland!

Nancy said...

I agree, my first thought was her handbag as well.

What a gorgeous picture of those on their way to OREGON OR BUST! So wish I could have gotta a chance to take this adventure.

K. Martinez said...

Beautiful crisp image of the Conestoga Wagon.

The Pack Mules were a lot of fun. I rode them as much as the Mine Train which was a lot. I think there was only a slight difference in ride time compared to the Mine Train, maybe a minute or two.

After they got rid of the mules, Frontierland was never the same to me as there were no longer live animals present with the exception of ducks.

It's too bad they don't revive the Conestoga Wagon or Stagecoach Ride to run along the area between Rivers of America and Big Thunder Mountain.

Major Pepperidge said...

Caspian... well, I guess you are right. But that's no fun, I was hoping it was some rare flyer!

Nanook, I'm glad you liked these!

TokyoMagic!, I guess it's just the style of graphics at the time, but the bicyclist artwork sure looks like something you might see on a Disneyland bag (or whatever)

Nancy, it took about a month to get to Oregon, and another month to get back!

K. Martinez, I don't think we'll ever see a modest ride like the mules or wagons at Disneyland again. Too much money and not enough "ban for their buck" so to speak. Which is a shame, since it was those kinds of attractions that made early Disneyland so great.

Tom said...

So sad they're not doing the Conestoga wagons any more. Since I live in Oregon, it would be the perfect shuttle for a weekly visit. And no TSA inspection!

Great pics of my favorite extinct part of the park.

Anonymous said...

That purse looks like it might be one of those image purses my mother used to have. Possibly something from Norman Rockwell.


Melissa said...

I guess they could put the wagon on a track, with a robot horse out front for show, "walking" like Ben Franklin at EPCOT. Less poop that way. (Speaking as somebody who has actually marched behind the horses in a parade.)