Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Log Ride, Knott's - October 1975

I'm using up the last three pictures from a lot of 1975 images. There's the good ol' Log Ride, still one of my favorite attractions at Knott's. Thanks, Bud Hurlbut! Is that a shooting gallery over to the extreme right?

This part of Knott's still looks pretty rustic in these photos, probably due to the stands of eucalyptus trees. I'm so jealous of those folks heading down the flume!

Here's an odd one, showing a tableau of Native Americans (mom, dad, and child). It is based on a painting called "The Night Watch" (see a photo of it on Viewliner's wonderful blog). Is the building behind it the John Wayne Theater? I appreciate the fact that they attempted to make the wall less conspicuous by painting a big mural of a desert scene on it.


TokyoMagic! said...

That is the back of the John Wayne Theater in the third pic, but today it's known as the Charles M. Shulz Theater....formerly the Toyota Goodtime Theater...and before that, just the Goodtime Theater.

The hill with the Native Americans is now gone. It was replaced by a 36 second roller coaster....part of which was also built on top of Boot Hill Cemetary. It's criminal, I tell you! Whoever is responsible for it should be locked away!

K. Martinez said...

The Log ride is my favorite attraction at Knott’s. It’s also my favorite log ride above all the others out there. There’s an old fashioned feel to the experience unmatched by any other log ride I’ve ridden. Long live the Log Ride!

Rich T. said...

Best log ride on fact, I'd say one of the very best rides of any kind, period! :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks TokyoMagic!…. how can we change it to the "Major Pepperidge Theater"? And that roller coaster was sent to Knott's by Satan, you know it and I know it.

K. Martinez, The Log Ride was one that I always looked forward to when my family lived so close to the park. The sound effects, the smells, everything was perfect. It's still great, though it could use some TLC.

Rich T… I haven't been on many other log rides, but I am going to agree with you anyway because I love the one at Knott's!

Anonymous said...

I think of the Knotts ride when on the Grizzly falls ride in DCA, which is pretty decent overall.

Knotts beat the Magic Mountain ride all to pieces, and is still better than Splash Mountain, IMHO.

Maybe I'll go back to Knotts next trip, after about 20 years.