Thursday, February 03, 2011

Omnibus at the Hub, January 1974

I love this nice image of the Omnibus at its Hub loading zone (formerly the loading zone for the Trash Can ride). Any photo that shows the Peoplemover already has somethin' extra going for it. It's as if the picture has received a refreshing drop of golden retsin! (*bing*)

Now imagine if you were on the top level of the Omnibus, and the vehicle had backed up some 100 feet or so. This is the view you would have had! In other words, Tomorrowland's entrance would be to the left, and the rest of Main Street would be to the right. An unusual view, anyway. One of the three little pigs makes an appearance - barely.


TokyoMagic! said...

Both photos show that wonderful pebbly concrete that has since been removed from the park.

I believe that second photo was taken from the PeopleMover just before entering the Adventure Thru Inner Space building. That tree on the right can be seen outside the tunnel in that first pic. The bathrooms would be on the left just past the piggy.

Andrew said...

I see the big bad wolf in the center of the frame, behind the tree branch, and those boys are running behind him.

It was fun to see the trash can ride link!

Katella Gate said...

That second photo must be of people that the photographer knew... a very odd choice of subjects, otherwise

Major Pepperidge said...

TM!, now that I follow your directions, I think you are probably right.

Andrew, good eye! I completely missed the wolf.

Katella, I think that on certain rides (especially the Skyway, but other moving rides) folks just snap away at whatever happens to be in front of them).

JG said...

Definitely from the PeopleMover.

That restroom used to be a good stop, out of the way and underused.

No more.


(it's probably weird to have favorite restrooms, but in this crowd, anything goes.)