Sunday, July 25, 2010

Three From July 1961

The boys in the Sweatshirt Gang have just finished their trip down the icy slopes of the Matterhorn. This was before they stapled two bobsleds together to double the capacity of the ride. I think we can safely say that the kids enjoyed the trip! Most of you know that there is a "Tomorrowland track" and and "Fantasyland track", but I once got to ride the secret third track. It has a loop, and you get free ice cream at the end.

This is a familiar view, but fun; I like to imagine that I'm down there with the guests, feeling the heat of the pavement, hearing the sounds, and trying to decide which lines I am willing to wait in.

OK, what could possibly be so interesting about those flowers? Except maybe that they're fake.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Are the inside of the Matterhorn sleds lined with fleece? Sure looks that way :-)

outsidetheberm said...

On the third track they are!

Welcome back, Major.

Nancy said...

i thought that too, about a lining in the bobsleds. they sure could use it, thats for sure!! every time i have ridden it i banged into the side :(

like the view of Fantasyland a lot...very festive, a nice crowd, sunshine!

TokyoMagic! said...

Hot diggity! A loop AND free ice cream?

Connie Moreno said...

Sadly, that third that is now only used by castmembers. Got to ride it twice when I worked at the Park.

Katella Gate said...

It looks like the Bobsleds were lined with velveteen plush. Weird, and vaguely erotic.

Chiana_Chat said...

da Sweatshirt Gang boyz.

Yeah I went and caght up on posts then went and caught burn out. Somehow my yen for the place in these pics keeps a creepin' back. Actually relieved da Maj is still here. phew.

The fourth track goes round mostly at the top. It is cool. The fifth is hot... it resembles the end of Mr. Toads... hehe. hm. The flower market is just such a nice, idyllic nook. Just the place for boyz in plaid shorts to hide too.

Anonymous said...

Those kids in the bobsled could easily be me, but they aren't.

I keep thinking my parents or I will show up in the background of someone else's picture. Won't happen, but I keep looking, just the same.

Any photo of the flower market is good for me, a special place to be sure.

Thank you Major, hope you caught a lot of tanned fish.