Friday, July 23, 2010

Frontierland Fitty Six!

Ol' Major Pepperidge is still in the mountains; yessir, the streams are full of gold nuggets, and the trout jump into our boats when I sing trouty songs.

I'm not sure why these vintage Kodachrome images are so dark greenish and odd-looking. Maybe they were exposed to radiation during one of those atom bomb tests in the 50's. It's really the only logical explanation.

Anyway, here's an unusual view of Chief Wavy, probably taken from the Disneyland Railroad. For all of his skills as an outdoorsman, we managed to sneak up on him - in a train! He's really lost his mojo.

In the early years there was evidence of another small Indian encampment along the Rivers of America. That cluster of teepees did not stay there very long - - many plains Indians were nomadic after all. Two petrified elk pause to take a sip from the magical butterscotch river.

There's the Indian Village that guests could visit. Watch some dancin', check out the teepees, paddle a canoe - it's better than Vegas.


Connie Moreno said...

Please tell me that it takes HOURS for you to come up with your descriptions. Because if you say that it just pops into your head down through your fingers and on to the keyboard, I'm gonna smack you!

Dude, you crack me up.

Chris Jepsen said...

Maybe not Vegas. More like an Indian casino.

"Trouty songs" -- BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

Chuck said...

Those elk weren't actually petrified. It took years of training to develop the discipline required to remain motionless for hours on end. Even so, it was a terrible strain on the animals and they only stood a shift every four days to keep them fresh.

Maintaining a herd of trained elk was a rather expensive proposition, so they were given to the Indian tribe as one of the terms of the treaty that induced them to give up their ancestral lands on the Disney Reservation. My understanding is that they were eaten the Thursday after they pulled up stakes and moved out.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

"Magic Butterscotch River" sounds dreamy (insert Homer Simpson drooling sound here....)...

"dark greenish and odd-looking" works for me, THANKS MAJOR!

Anonymous said...

Where was that cluster of teepees? I'm guessing just north of the burning cabin. Would that be correct or were they somewhere else?

Nancy said...

neat images, esp the last one.

was that actually a dirt "ground" then? if it is, that must have been awful during the rainy season

Anonymous said...

Trouty songs? I can almost hear them now, even over the noise of the elk.

Thanks Major, just for being you.