Monday, July 26, 2010

Mickey Mouse Club at Disneyland!

Hello homies, I'm back from my mountain vacation, and am tanned and well-rested. Those fish are harder to catch than I thought. Thanks to everybody for continuing to "tune in", and for the comments and large wads of cash!


The original Mickey Mouse Club was a phenomenal hit during its original 1955 to 1958 run. And when the show was reintroduced to a new group of kids during its syndication starting in 1962, ratings were strong. From 1963 through 1964 the Main Street Opera House at Disneyland became the "Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters" where children could sign-up and get their own official membership cards in the club.

Here's a great picture from 1963, and none other than Mickey Mouse himself poses with two fans. I like some of the details, such as big sis's rainbow-striped dress and her ticket book, or the popcorn box in that other's girls hand

Check out this neat certificate that would have been issued to kids. It is signed by "Ginny" - Ginny Tyler, who went on to become a "Disney Legend" in 2006. From that official Disney Legends writeup: "When the original "Mickey Mouse Club" was re-edited and repackaged for syndication in 1962, Tyler was appointed Head Mouseketeer, live from Disneyland." She also provided the narration to some of the beloved Storyteller albums, including my well-worn "Peter Pan" record. I can still hear her saying, "I'm a codfish"! You had to be there.

Another neat souvenir is this metal button.

Here's an Official Membership Card. It's neat, but not as neat as Matterhorn1959's mint unused example!


Connie Moreno said...

Wow, these are awesome. So awesome that they brought back all those memories of me begging, crying, throwing a trantrum, doing anything to get my parents to take me over and sign me up for the Mickey Mouse Club and their answer was always the same: "Well stop in on the way out". Of course, by the time we left (after the fireworks) the clubhouse was closed :-(

Chuck said...

"I'm a codfish! I'm a codfish!" I still have my original childhood example (of the record; I don't generally save food items that long) and have transferred it to CD for my boys. It's still a favorite bedtime track - for all of us.

Thanks for sharing!

Katella Gate said...

Somebody just discovered how to make the fonts different colors, didn't he Major?

It's nice to see the young lady in the first picture has conveniently marked the "kill shot" on her blouse for the snipers hidden in the parapets of Fantasyland. Y'all knew about that right?

Also Memo to Micky: Foundation Garments are required of ALL employees. I know you're Walt's fave, but still it's required. Don't make me check.

Major Pepperidge said...

Connie, my dad would have moved us right past the MMC too!

Chuck, that was my favorite of all my "Storyteller" albums.

Katella Gate, I have known how to color the text for a long time, but decided a few weeks ago that color is a good way to spice up the posts, and a good way to indicate quotes or side comments.

Katella Gate said...

Major: I'm teasing about the color, but was hoping that perhaps it was in honor of the new World of Color show over at DCA (which I understand is terrific)

Mickey Mouse Party Favors said...

I think the pictures were take way back, there is a big difference of Disney world today and what it was for the past few years. It looks more prettier now.