Wednesday, June 03, 2009

NYWF, June 1964

NYWF, that's New York World's Fair to you!

There's the iconic Unisphere, symbol of the 1964/65 New York World's Fair. It was 140 feet tall (as tall as a 12 story building), and weighed 700,000 pounds (if you don't include the base). Useful information? Probably not. But I am a sucker for trivia. The dozens of flags add color and movement to the scene. Folks appear to be bundled up more than you might expect considering that this slide has a June date on it. My favorite detail... the family with the souvenir hats, each with a bright, ridiculous ostrich plume!

New York state's pavilion was distinctive due to the "world's largest suspension roof, made of translucent colored plastic and hung from sixteen 100-foot concrete columns." I wonder how many summers and winters those plastic roof panels would have survived? Another fun feature was the floor of this building, which was a huge terrazzo road map of the state. I'm sure that locals would immediately head for their town and snap a photo. Wouldn't you? In the background you can see the two towers, the tallest being the "observation tower" from which many photos were snapped. These are still standing, and visible as you drive by on the Long Island Expressway.

There's another one of those feathered hats! I just don't understand why that fashion statement didn't last longer. These two aren't speaking to each other, apparently! And what do you know, there's the Pepsi pavilion and the "Tower of the Four Winds" behind them. Don't go in if you suffer from pediophobia (fear of dolls)!


Helen Crump said...

Just got the 5 CD set of music from Walt's 4 pavilions at the 64/65 Fair, and it's great. It includes a fascinating book with some more useful information.

Didja know that the Tower of the Four Winds weighed 200,000 pounds?

Nancy said...

seems like it must have been kinda windy and the trees seem a bit bare....a Winnie the Pooh blustery day, perhaps?

loving the stroller action, tho, which we have a blue one in the last offering, have only seen the red ones before, like in the first picture...

wonder what the pennants say around the top of the NY pavillion?

the Tower has always been a favorite symbol of mine; thanks for that as well. on the Walt Disney Treasures SS&M dvd, i esp enjoy the "Disneyland Goes To The World's Fair" episode where he and Rolly talk about this terrific icon

thanks for the awesome pictures today! :)

Katella Gate said...

Hi Helen: I was going to blather about the elevated flume, but instead I wanted to ask about your screen name. Are you related to Rolly? If so, kiss him on the cheek and tell him he's a genius.

If you're the other Helen Crump, please say "hi" to Sheriff Taylor for me: no kiss necessary here.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nancy, as far as I can tell, the pennants appear to have the names of various Counties of New York. I can see "Orange", "Jefferson", "Montgomery", "Monroe" and "Nassau" when I zoom waaaaay in on the original scan.

Helen, like Katella Gate I couldn't help wondering if you are related to Rolly! I have the World's Fair CD set as well, but I haven't really read the book yet. Someday!

Walter Sobchak said...

Great picture of the New York pavilion! It's so sad to see it now, with its roof gone (I think the panels began to fall out at some point in the last few decades), its floor still intact but barely recognizable, and its towers rusting and inoperable.

At least they looked good in "Men in Black."

Nancy said...

thanks for the info, David :)

i cant believe i missed your last name, Helen, and i even mentioned Rolly in my was early, before my tea this morning...yeah, that's why!