Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Randomness

Perhaps I should have titled this post, "A is for ADVENTURELAND", since that land is a common thread among all three photos.

Starting with this May 1958 photo of Adventureland's entrance, which has barely changed since yesterday's 1955 view. There is some additional bamboo up by the giant "shrunken head", and the plants are more lush, and maybe there are more skulls and shields to be seen. But that's about it!

I love this enigmatic stone idol (circa 1965), part of a ruined temple that has been reclaimed by the jungle. What became of the people living there? The expression on the carved face seems to be amused and not too worried about mere worldly concerns. Some day the roots of that strangler fig will completely envelop the rock figure until there is nothing left to see.

Those fierce warriors can split a gnat's eyelash with those spears, so you'd just better sit still and behave yourselves.


Katella Gate said...

When I was young, the stone heads were the most impressive things on the J.C.-- You expected to see animals and natives like on "Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom", but the giant head entwined in vines was something suburban kids never dreamed of...

Chiana said...

Split a gnat's eyelash! I almost spewed a mouthful of coffee!

Gosh you're right, Katella. It strikes a deeper note to the impression of a block 'o Anaheim suddenly being the steaming, teeming jungle. Complete with a mysterious ancient history.