Monday, December 28, 2009

Walt Disney World, circa 1973

I don't post very many photos from Walt Disney World - mostly because I don't have very many. But I thought I'd share three photos from the early years.

Here's a look at Florida's Fantasyland; I think it's sort of interesting that they continued with some of the flat fa├žades and "medieval faire" designs... those choices were used at Disneyland due to budgetary constraints, and for all I know, that's why they were used again. I keep hearing about how the second version of the "Snow White" ride is an improvement on Disneyland's!

I certainly read a lot about WDW when I was a kid, and it seemed that almost every story was accompanied by a photo of the A-shaped Contemporary Resort Hotel. I like this neat interior photo showing the Monorail waiting to take on a new load of passengers; the CRH isn't the nicest hotel down there, but I would love to stay there because to me, it's as much a part of Disney World as the Magic Kingdom. $$$$!

Hey, teenage boys, don't you know that you aren't supposed to want to ride the Keel Boats? You want thrills, not a unique experience with plenty o' atmosphere! Teenagers, sheesh. Disneyland's Keel Boats were aged like a fine cheese, but this boat looks fairly new and shiny. On the mast you can see the octagonal loudspeaker just like on the Anaheim examples. Due to an accident, the Florida Keel Boats were removed some time in the early 2000's. Bummer!


TokyoMagic! said...

I don't think WDW's Tom Sawyer Island opened until a year or two after the park...I wonder if that's the construction we see in the background of the Keel Boat pic? I love WDW pics just as much as World's Fair and Knott's pics! Thanks for these, Major.

Capt. Tomorrow said...

Honor, don't be suckered in by "nice hotels" at WDW. I've stayed at the Grand Floridian and the Contemporary and the CRH is FAR better when it comes to ambiance and vibe. The GF is pretty sterile in my opinion while the CRH has it's mojo going almost all the time. Yeah, baby!

Major Pepperidge said...

TokyoMagic, I wondered if that was construction as well, but finally concluded that it must be part of a suspension bridge on TSI. Almost like a mini-Brooklyn Bridge?! It seemed to "fit", since everything at WDW is bigger and more elaborate. I could be wrong though, having never been to Florida!

The Disney Dad said...

The Polynesian Resort is the perfect hotel to stay at when visiting Walt Disney World. It's not as stuffy as the Grand Floridian and not as plastic as the Contemporary. It's beautiful and relaxing.

Nancy said...

^ the Polynesian Resort is my favorite as well!

my daughter worked in the CRH when she was in the Disney College program in 2008, not far from where this photo was taken. she was SO lucky, seeing those monorails running in and out of the hotel so many times every day!

Major, thanks so much for posting these. i esp love the early Tomorrowland. maybe if im lucky you have more of these stashed away for the new year! ;)

Capt. Tomorrow said...

I would agree that out of the 3 "park adjacent" hotels that the Polynesian is the best, followed by the Contemporary and then the Grand Floridian. But if there was a monorail line to the Animal Kindgom Lodge, it would beat all of the resort hotels hands down. That bus ride from the AKL to the park is just murder.

Rich T. said...

I miss the first ultra-nightmarish version of MK's Snow White Ride: The witch just kept coming at you...and coming at you...and coming at you....Look! The dwarf's house! We're safe! Wait-why are the animals looking so scared? Oh no! Look out!
Seriously, if I'd ridden that thing as a small child, I don't think anyone would ever get me on a dark ride again! :)

At least the new version has a real ending, as opposed to DL's which ends with --- Sorry folks, ran out space--They lived happily ever after, trust us!

AJ said...

That Contemporary Resort image is so jarring -- the same and different all at once. I love staying there for that very reason; it kind of feels like you're in the midst of the past and the future at the same time.