Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Main Street Views, June 1962

Today I have two nice photos from Main Street USA. At the foot of Main Street is the lovely train station. It looks pretty grand, elevated above everything else. And those stair railings are totally rad for grinding with my skateboard! The lady at the foot of the stairs (wearing the long dress) is carrying some sort of large parcel... could she be an employee in one of the shops?

Here's a nice shot of the Opera House, one of the prettiest buildings on Main Street IMHO. That's right, I said imho, and I'm sticking to it. The ornate facade reminds me of a piece of antique furiture, like a Chippendale dresser.

If we zoom in a little closer (and lighten things up a bit) we can see that the sets from the movie "Babes in Toyland" are on display; apparently there was a toy store located inside too, in case you felt the sudden need to lighten your wallet.


CoxPilot said...

The long skirt was worn by several different areas in the park. She definitely is an employee could have worked in any one of the shops on Main. However; the high heels would tell me she could be from the Bank of America or the INA Carefree Corner. Her "look" suggests the latter. The package might be probably being taken to the City Hall. All from my crystal ball of course.

Katella Gate said...

Speaking of Babes in Toyland, what ever became of the toy-making machine prop? Did it go on display here? Did it get tossed? In a private collection?

Chiana_Chat said...

Nice sunny day in the happiest (and often maybe busiest!) old fashioned Town Squares on Earth. :)

Nancy said...

love this picture of the Station, so pretty.

i never thought about the Opera House that way, but now that you mention it, i definitely see what youre seeing!

nice post today :)