Monday, December 21, 2009

Scenes at Knott's, September 1969

Howsabout some vintage Knott's photos?

In this first example, we are standing on Stage Road, and looking at some buildings on Main Street (which runs perpendicular to Stage Road). Just so you know. There's the Post Office... could you get your cards and letters postmarked at the Knott's Post Office? Next to that is the General Merchandise store, and beyond that you would find the Blacksmith. Those eucalyptus trees sure add a lot to the scenery.

I can't decide what's better, this view of the Music Hall, or the groovy chick in that colorful dress. I am assuming that the Music Hall was where you could play the giant music box with the punched metal disk "records"? To the left you can see where you could catch a ride on the Stagecoach.

Right next to the Music Hall is the famous Bottle House. It's called the Bottle House because it belonged to Bertha Bottle. Anyone who's been inside that house remembers the effect of the light coming through the various colors of glass, it's pretty magical in its simple way.

NEWS FLASH! If you are into Knott's history, go check out Chris Merritt's new website: As Chris says, "It's ostensibly to promote the book (also called Knott's Preserved), which is coming out this March - but even more, to show many of the images that were cut from the book due to size limitations. Trying to fit 90 years of history into a 144-page book will do that!"

Take a look!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Major, I will be visiting family for the next couple of weeks. So I would like to take this time to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. PEACE! ~ Richard.

Nancy said...

nice pics today. i always enjoy the theme of the American West. such attention to it!

too bad we missed out on seeing those groovy outfits

Chiana_Chat said...

The gentlemen in the top pic have been negotiating since sunrise, and I wouldn't have thought those weathered old used wagon wheels would be worth it! But, they're from Iowa.

I like the cacti sprouting from the roof of the Music Hall. Their rain gutters must really be plugged.

Chris Merritt's won one visitor!

Chris Merritt said...

Paul von Klieben designed the Music Hall and the Bottle House - Otheto Weston designed the Butterfield Stage Line ticket office (on the far left) after Paul passed away in 1953. I have the concept art for the Music Hall building on the Paul von Klieben page at

Thanks everyone - I appreciate the support on the site! I hope everyone enjoys the book.

Nancy said...

ive just subscribed....

good luck, Chris, and im looking forward to reading your book!

Chris Merritt said...

Thanks Nancy - I appreciate it!

Katella Gate said...

You guess correctly Major, the music box with the perforated "records" is called a Regina. Pronounced re-GEE-na.

If your pronunciation makes 10 year old boys giggle, you are saying it wrong.