Sunday, December 06, 2009

Shades of Gray, 1959

Here are three snoozetastic black and white snapshots of Frontierland. I promise to do better soon!

The F.I.V. (Friendly Indian Village)... suddenly I crave beef jerky.

The Fort on Tom Sawyer Island doesn't look like much in this photo, but it sparked my imagination when I was a kid.

It's a "Where's Waldo?" moment... there is a Stagecaoch visible in this photo, although it blends into the surroundings.


Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Beef Jerky for breakfast, yum!

The fort might not look like much in your old B&W photo, but its looks 1000 times better than it does now... (Think cheap link-n-logs)...

Chiana_Chat said...

Yeah at least the Fort looks surprisingly real. Far better "plausibility factor" Walt used to speak of.

Indian Boy looks hot. He knows it. The whole village knows it. That's why he's sporting his plasticine magnificence like a figurehead at the prow of a ship. You know it.

My gosh some of these early pics, can you believe it's the same place? Is that a little shack/shed along some side river in Missouri of is it Disneyland. Hm I don't see any Stagecoach though, just a couple of people riding a tree.

Chris Jepsen said...

"Snoozetastic?" That word may have to replace (or at least supplement) the word I've been using for boring photos: "Naptacular."