Thursday, December 31, 2009

Color Snapshots, 1959

I am going to pretend that today's snapshots were from a box in my parent's garage, even though they weren't really. It helps me cope with the fact that my family has NO photos from our many trips to the park.

I've always loved that kooky old exterior for the Alice In Wonderland attraction, with the stylized gigantified garden growing from the corner of the castle. It makes no sense, but neither does the ride. And that's what makes it great!

I confess that this snapshot might not be from 1959... it's undated, although it was in the same lot as the rest. It just looks older! Anyway, I'm always happy to see the Plantation House.

Might as well end on an oddball note, with this askew view of this waterway that is flowing away from the castle, and towards Frontierland and Adventureland. I believe that this was covered over at some point, but that the water does still flow the same way. Does anybody know if that's a fact?


TokyoMagic! said...

What a great "Alice" photo! That has always been my favorite dark ride...although I liked the older version much better than the redo.

I believe that waterway is still there. It is located between the two wooden foot bridges. This photo may have been taken while standing on the one that leads to the Plaza Gardens.

Jim said...

Re: Last image. I went back and reread my E-Ticket #18 on DL Waterways but there was no mention of any subsequent alteration to the area captured that last shot. Maybe the maturation of the landscape camouflages it now?
What I have always found fascinating is the continuous and uninterrupted flow of the park's interconnected waterways. According to the article, the "Big River" (they refer to it as the “Dark Water System, as opposed to the water contained within individual attractions) actually splits on the west side of the castle moat. This is the area I presume is depicted in the shot from ’59. One tributary flows south under the Tahitian Terrace and into the Jungle Cruise. While the other fork fed the Bear Country and Beaver Valley features of Nature's Wonderland, eventually hooking up with the Rivers of America.

Andrew said...

Major, Great oddballl shot!

Jim, the Dark Water System sounds ingenious! After the Jungle Cruise and the ROA, does the water circulate back to the castle moat?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who pretends these old snaps shots are from his own family, since I only have ONE vintage pic of my family ar Disneyland.

Those waterways fascinate me too. I believe the one in your photo still follows the original path, the only section that is covered now is by the entrance to Aladdin/Tahitian Terrace. The "Brown" water seem to start or at least connect to the old Motorboat Cruise Rivers.

Just a few months ago the Castle Moat & waterway that connects to the Jungle Cruise was drained. The Motorboat Cruise waterway (whats left of it) was also partially drained and stagnant. That body of water is fed from little stream just south of Small world. I think part of the reason this area still has water is because its part of that connected system.

I always figured the headwaters for the Bear Country River appeared to be pumped from the Rivers of America, since I think it spills into the ROA near the Hungry Bear restaurant?

Great post - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Jim said...

Glad to read that I'm not the only one who is into the "behind the scenes" stuff. There are many who post here that are much more knowledgeable of the parks infrastructure than I, but I will share what I gleamed from the E-ticket. The waterway system has remained virtually unchanged since 1955. Two water systems are defined: Clear water is found in the POC, Small World, Submarine Lagoon and the Matterhorn. Dark water is the natural green stuff. The headwaters are drawn from the low point in the back of the Frontierland river, about 100 feet from the moose. Then the water is pumped and elevated about 15ft to a point behind Storybook Land. It then flows into the what was the Motor Boat Lagoon and beneath the Autopia. It then stays underground below Tomorrowland, reemerging in the castle moat. It then flows south under the Tahitian Terrace and into the Jungle Cruise. It then dives underground once again near the Swiss Family Treehouse (Tarzan..or whatever) and eventually feeds into the ROA where the 1.5 mile long system begins again.

Some cool DL water facts:
The Dark water system utilizes approx. 10.3 million gallons in volume with the Clear system circulating approx. 7.5 million gallons.
Brown and green dyes are used in the ROA to decrease the clarity and keep guests from viewing ride tracks below the surface.
The bottom of the ROA was converted from a clay lined bottom to concrete years ago, but the Jungle Cruise remains clay and still leaks into the Anaheim water table.
Clear water rides are refilled from domestic supply but the dark system is augmented DL Well #1 behind the berm near Big Thunder Ranch.
Pumps and lift stations are concealed in the Frontierland rock formations near the old Pack Mule trail ride.
The entire system operates on a gravity flow and maintains a constant rate throughout.
Whew! I love this stuff!

Major Pepperidge said...

I'm sorry Jim, that just isn't enough information for me!

Jim said...

Major- My apologies. I got carried away. But hey, Ilike I said...I love this stuff.

Major Pepperidge said...

No need to apologize Jim, I was teasing you - - I really am into the minutae! Perhaps not quite to the degree that Mr. Disneyland Nomenclature is, but still...!

Chiana_Chat said...

My curiosity is similarly prodigious! :)