Monday, December 14, 2009

Frontierland & Mine Train, April 1962

Frontierland looks pretty busy on this sunny April day. In addition to the usual families (see that kid getting an orange popsicle?) a few men in uniform (Marines I guess) are going to practice storming the shores of Tom Sawyer Island.

Here's a neat shot of the Mine Train (taken from the passing Disneyland RR) as it loops around the geysers and paint pots in the Living Desert. Hey, there are those Marines again!

There are those dusty old bears again... we've seen them many times, but I never get tired of 'em. It really seems like this tableau is never the same in any two photos, but I haven't exactly done a scientific study on the matter. For instance, I'm not sure I've previously noticed TWO bear cubs climbing that tree to get to the bee hive...


Katella Gate said...

Nice, nice shots today. I especially like the Nature's wonderland train.

Funny about the marines: it's strange how you will be standing in line for tickets, spot somebody, then keep seeing them throughout the day.

I'll bet this doesn't just happen to me.

Katella Gate said...

By the way, is that Lucille Ball third car back? She's wearing over-sized white sunglasses and obviously traveling incognito. Very incognito.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Second pic looks like the cover to a vintage Vacationland Magazine! Great bear scene, looks pretty darn real. Thanks Major!

Nancy said...

always enjoy the Mine Train, never got to ride it :(

Katella Gate, we also seem to always notice someone in some bright hat or outfit and then see them all day long, like we are following each other

Chiana_Chat said...

That train shot is a beauty! *splat* Another desktop. And there forward in the train are the Marines we see in the top shot. The Marines are there to review the fortifications at the Fort and in that top pic are surely not following the tidy dish in the blue with the shiny little belt. Not at all!

Aw that standing bear in the bottom pic is cute! In a "glad I'm safe in this here train" sort of way... :)