Monday, December 07, 2009

Skyway Stuff, February 1964

I remember becoming a "lost child" years ago when I stopped to look at the Matterhorn while the rest of my family kept walking! Where'd everybody go? This view reminds me of that day, and I am actually crying as I type this. Want to see what the view would be like from up in one of those buckets?

Ask and ye shall receive! The Matterhorn is right behind us, and "Alice in Wonderland" is beneath us. If you look to the middle left, you can see a series of structures that resemble football goal posts. What the heck are they?

We're still in a Skyway bucket, only now we're on the other side of the Matterhorn. The air is chunky-style today! But the Monorail still looks great. The Motor Boat Cruise and that little ticket booth are fun as well, and even though you can only see a bit of it, the sub lagoon is dry. Stay tuned for a better look at that!


Chiana_Chat said...

May my smiles erase your tears. ;)

Boy when Walt said he wanted some rock work, he meant it. Heavier rock than the Troggs, man.

Ick what air! Are you sure that's chunky style, or is it condensed, still uncondensed? But Skull Cove is lookin' good, so much better than the plain pool of before and look how those trees were already takin' off around the skyway chalet.

Idle minds wander I mean, wonder why the train crossing guard in the 3rd pic and why that guy is standing there too. And what's become of that Fantasyland/Matterhorn ticket booth and those fancy benches around there because they would look cute in my back yard, beside my alligator farm.

TokyoMagic! said...

There used to be a wall behind that Fantasyland snack bar, so the goal post looking structures might be part of that.

I want to visit Chiana's alligator farm!

The Viewliner Limited said...

A fine group of excellent photos. The monorail from this vantage point is always a favorite of mine.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Awesome Trio of Photos - thanks! Great Fantasyland Ticket Booth sighting in the 3rd photo - I'm surprised how much it still looks the same (link)

Nancy said...

a great picture of the detail on the Matterhorn's "snow"

monorail blue sure is purty in the morning sun :D

Unknown said...

A couple corrections/comments on the description of the monorail photo you posted yesterday (12/7):

1) You’re not on the other side of the Matterhorn (relative to the previous photo). You’re just looking the other way. Bottom right is the chalet-styled queue area for the Matterhorn.

2) In this photo, you can see the old flexible steel beam switch for the monorail. The extreme length allowed it to flex enough to align with the maintenance track beam. When they later built the combination train/monorail barn, they replaced the flex beam with the more common beam replacement design. I always enjoyed going over that beam because the ride instantly became ultra smooth and quiet.

3) Near as I can tell, nowhere can you see any part of the sub lagoon, especially since you’re still on the Fantasyland side of “the icy slopes of the majestic Matterhorn.” Am I missing something?