Saturday, March 25, 2023

Special Guest Scans

I recently received an email from a man named Jeff Zbornik, who'd come across GDB while researching some of his own family photos. Jeff also sent along a series of scans that he said I could share with all of you, which is pretty cool! Today is part one, there will be a second blog post with other photos coming up sometime soon.

First up is this fantastic image (probably from 1968) from Jungleland USA, in beautiful Thousand Oaks, California. I visited Jungleland as a very small child, and have shared some picture scans here. But Jeff's photo is POSTCARD WORTHY. Just a great shot of a group of kids riding an elephant. Not something one does every day. Among the kids is Jeff, his brother Russ, and his cousin Megan.

Next is a classic photo from Knott's Berry Farm (possibly from 1976), with Jeff's brother Dave aboard "Old Betsy", the picturesque little "Borax Mine Special" that has been at Knott's for many decades. As far as I am aware, it is still there!

And lastly, here's Russ, Megan, and Jeff eating cotton candy at Sea World (San Diego) in 1966, with the distinctive Chicken of the Sea Theater behind them. Did it have musical extravaganzas all about tuna? Did the concession stand inside sell tuna snacks?

Here's a vintage postcard for a better look at the Chicken of the Sea Theater.

MANY THANKS to Jeff Zbornik for sharing his personal family photos. Stay tuned for more!

Friday, March 24, 2023

Delicious Leftuggies™

Today I'm sharing some Leftuggies™ (or are they Randos?), but they are good ones.

From a slide dated "April 1961" comes this fun image of two kids posing on the little bandstand that used to be in Frontierland - if you were lucky, you would find the Gonzalez Trio performing there. Big brother is looking cool in his leather jacket, and little sis is probably an actual princess. I like the pretty red flowers (geraniums?) that surround the bandstand. It's nice to see the old Casa de Fritos in the background, as well as the Frontierland Shooting Gallery.

From June 1974 comes this nice shot of a yellow Mine Train as it passes through part of "Nature's Wonderland" - the Rainbow Desert to be exact. In the lower left we can just see a tiny bit of a watering hole, I believe it was surrounded by some antelopes with switchblades. We can see some yuccas, ocotillos, and various cacti. Notice a Pack Mule train in the background to the left.

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Tomorrowland Beauties, September 1971

It's time for more wonderful photos from a 1971 set of images taken by Lou Perry, and shared with us by Sue B. These all feature the classic "New Tomorrowland" when it was thriving and vibrant! What could be better?

So: here we are, aboard a Peoplemover vehicle, slowly heading in the direction of the Plaza, with one of Mary Blair's much-loved tile murals to our left, and Adventure Thru Inner Space just past that. Is that one of the Columbia's topsails in the distance?

Attendance looks good, plenty of people, but not too crowded. I think it's so cool the way the Peoplemover track provided a shady corridor (with benches) for guests to sit and relax. Simple but effective. To our right, "America the Beautiful".

Here's the outside of The Character Shop, I like the way the sign's design matches up with the silver entry portals. Just imagine what treasures were for sale inside the store!

THANK YOU, Lou and Sue!

Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Three Nice Ones From March 5 1980

We all know that March, 1980 was just a few years ago and definitely not 43 years ago. I would have noticed if 43 years had passed. Anyway, I have some scans from 1980, and even though they are practically new, they are still worth a look.

(By the way, Jason's Disneyland Almanac tells us that March 5th was a Wednesday, the park was open from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM, with a high temperature of 66 degrees, and a low of 50 degrees).

Here's a pretty view of a pathway leading toward the gleaming Matterhorn (they actually clean it every night with Gleem toothpaste). The shadows are gathering already, and soon it will be dusk, and then (if my calculations are correct), nighttime. My favorite post-dusk time! Just look at those 1980 fashions, including three people wearing yellow pants (you have to look closely to see one leg). 

Oh yeeeeaaaahhh! The entrance to Tomorrowland with a delightful Peoplemover train in its original color ("Baja Blast", I believe). And we still have Rolly Crump's swirly purple and yellow flower beds, and even the central flagpole (sans flag). Let's go ride "Adventure Thru Inner Space" and then see "America the Beautiful"! Then we can go to Space Mountain. Man, do I love this picture.

And finally, howsabout an artistic shot of a Peoplemover train, looking like some kind of space bug (the nice kind, not the "eat your face" kind) as it travels high above us. Do you have any theories as to where this photo might have been taken?

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Beautiful Night Scenes, September 1971

Back in January I shared some of Lou and Sue's rare night photos, and today I'm going to share three more!

I love this shot of the Mod Hatter souvenir hat stand in Tomorrowland, with the comforting lights showing off a dazzling selection. "Hand me your floppiest hat, my good man!". "Are you sure, sir?". (Laughs theatrically) "Sure? Why I've never been more sure of anything in my life!". In the upper left, the bluish fluorescent lights from the Skyway terminal can be seen. 

The elongated diamond shape for the Autopia sign is pretty striking, especially when lit up at night. And its glow allows us to see the crowd of guests - is it just me, or do they mostly appear to be young folks? 

And oh man, do I love this photo looking up at the Carousel of Progress building. Just look at all the people up there, relaxing and taking in the sights from the second story! Plus it's nice knowing that we could go inside and see the original Carousel of Progress show, and finish up with the impressive "Progress City" model.

THANK YOU for these beautiful scans, Lou and Sue!

Monday, March 20, 2023

Fantasyland Pix, October 1967

I have a pair of pretty good Fantasyland pix for you, circa October, 1967. We'll start with this unusual angle (I don't think I have another photo like it) looking toward the corner of Sleeping Beauty Castle where the Alice in Wonderland attraction is housed. Maybe it was down for maintenance, because there is not a soul to be seen, and no snooty caterpillar vehicles are winding their way along the tracks. Plus there's a man in white painter's coveralls next to the giant mushroom, he seems to be doing something very important.  It's pretty hard to miss that fire hydrant in the lower right - which I guess is the point.

And here's a pretty view of It's a Small World; for all of Mary Blair's facility with color, she wanted the fa├žade to be white, and we can see why; it just gleams. Attendance was low on this day, you could practically walk on to this ride! 

Sunday, March 19, 2023

Snoozer Sunday

You pretty much know what you're gonna get on a Sunday, or you should by now if you've been paying attention! I'll go through my scans and pick out a few that rate a 3 out of 10, or maybe a 4 if things are good. You have been warned.

Let's start with this not-good photo of the nuclear submarine (from November, 1974), "George Washington". I'll bet George wishes he had one of these when he crossed the Potomac (which he did to retrieve that silver dollar that he threw years before). I dunno, there's not much to say about this one, it's dark and murky and frankly I'm ashamed that I've shared it with you today.

Next, from "sometime in the 1960s" comes this Skyway view of part of the Matterhorn; it's a little bit interesting due to the angle, I like the waterfall, and the winding tracks, and the way you can see how the conifers get smaller as the altitude increases. BUT... it's a little out of focus, so that issue lowers it by 3 points.

Saturday, March 18, 2023

A Double Birthday Celebration

Today is Saturday (I know all of the days of the week!), and in general today would be an "Anything Goes Saturday". But this particular Saturday happens to be the big birthday day for TWO Junior Gorillas - Mike Cozart and Zach . We can't let that go by without comment!

Sue found this fun photo of a vintage birthday cake (with Smurftastic plates and napkins) for Mikey. Sorry we couldn't find a photo with a cake with the name Zach on it! I hope both of you have wonderful clown-free days.

Sue B. (and her dad, photographer Lou Perry) to the rescue, with a new batch of scans from October, 1981. It's a BIG batch too, and there are some exceptionally nice shots in the mix. Including today's beautiful pictures of Main Street. CHECK 'EM OUT.

It looks like Lou was standing more or less in front of the Carnation Ice Cream and Tattoo Parlor, looking across the street toward Main Street Cinema, which was still showing silent classics and not Mickey Mouse films exclusively (though "Steamboat Willie" was frequently on the bill). To the left of that is "Rings & Things" ("I'd like three rings, and half a dozen things"). and then the Market House... we can see "Sun Giant" listed as one of the Lessees (they were there along with Del Monte). Imagine visiting Main Street on a beautiful October day and finding it this quiet!

Hmmm, well maybe this blocked off corner was in front of the Ice Cream Parlor. Because the angle seems about right as we look directly at the Market House. Notice that the Flower Market is now on East Center Street. 

I don't know why it surprises me to see that the Hallmark store was still going strong in 1981; But they were there for 25 years, finally ending their lease in 1985. 

And because Sue knows that Mike (and probably Zach as well) loves Disneyland attraction posters, she included this incredible beauty, from October 31, 1963. Whoo-eee! 

Happy Birthday to Mike and Zach, and thanks so much to Sue B. and Lou Perry!

I still have family in town, but I should be free by tomorrow!

Friday, March 17, 2023

Two Beauties From the 1950s

HAPPY SAINT PATRICK'S DAY! I hope you are wearing something green. As usual, our friend Sue has provided us with a fun photo from her personal collection (but not taken by her dad), featuring some people wearing what I can only assume is authentic Irish costumes. The man on the right probably just won the gold in the Olympics, what an accomplishment. The lady is holding paper hats, I can see part of the word "Erin", so they must be a tribute to "Happy Days" actress Erin Moran. THANKS SUE!

Like the title says, I have two beauties for you today, classic '50s views of a bustling, vibrant Disneyland.

Let's start with this great look at Fantasyland as seen from the deck of the Chicken of the Sea Pirate Ship. The Pirate Ship looked great from the ground, but wow, what a view you'd get if you took the time to go aboard. There's that cute little ticket & information booth, the Mad Tea Party, the Carrousel, and even a tiny glimpse of the eucalyptus trees in the distance that worked as a wind break for the orchards near the park.

It's always fun to zoom in on people down below. They look like ants! Ants wearing 50s fashions. 

I wonder if the two girls to the right just got tickets at the little booth? They are either headed toward that couple who may be their parents, or they are going to enjoy a few moments in the air conditioned Mickey Mouse Club Theater.

It was a busy day, but gosh, it looks like it would have been a wonderful time to be there; a certain amount of guests add a sense of energy and movement to the place.

Next is this awesome view of the original Tomorrowland, as seen from a Skyway gondola. The old Astro Jets are to our left, and the Flight Circle is just beyond that. The building past that is where the Crane Bathroom of Tomorrow would be, maybe Grant McCormick's mom was a hostess in there this very day. I believe that the circular building with the slightly conical roof is where the "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea" exhibit was located.

Zooming in, we can see a Wen-Mac wind sock flying above the Flight Circle. But I only have eyes for the forbidden views of the backstage area, including the Dominguez house (the original Administration Building), and the large warehouse-like industrial sheds that housed the Main Street shops. I'm not sure what that smaller light blue building is that's between them, please chime in if you know.

NOTE: I have family coming into town today, and they'll be here for a few days. There's a chance I might not be able to check in until Sunday. You know how needy people can be! But I will definitely read the comments each evening.

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Cute in Tomorrowland, March 1962

It's time to visit Ginny again, with only one photo this time - there she is, at a Kodak Picture Spot with the Sub Lagoon behind her. She's actually wearing her hat, so it was possible! Did her hairdo survive? Who knows! 

She is holding two items in her hands - a 1962 souvenir guidebook, and a rather neat "Coming Attractions" brochure that is one of my favorite pieces of Disneyland ephemera.

I truly thought that I'd already shared scans of this item on GDB, but apparently it was all a dream (I also didn't study for the big test!). So here we go:

This brochure is laid out in an unusual way - it's really only two pieces of paper, but staggered in a way that... well, it's easier to just show you. 

Here it is in its unopened state, with a Marc Davis drawing of pachyderms in the Sacred Elephant Pool. Each colored strip (and text) indicates another page and hints about what's featured.

Say, did you know that Disneyland will never be completed? Walt was spending $7 million dollars to "plus" his park, including the aforementioned Elephant Bathing Pool, and the "Stouffer's In Disneyland" restaurants, which included what would become the Enchanted Tiki Room. I love the attempt at making the construction a feature and not a bug! Be a "sidewalk superintendent". Do I get a badge and a gun?

Let's flip the page to learn about "A Brand New Adventureland Area", that included the Swiss Family Treehouse, the Tahitian Terrace, the new "Safari Shooting Gallery", and the fabulous "Bird Room" - still a restaurant ("by reservation only") at that point.

And finally - "1963 New Orleans Square and the Haunted Mansion". The text mentions the "Blue Bayou Mart" (apparently NOT a restaurant at this point?), and the "Thieves Market", which would of course eventually evolved into "Pirates of the Caribbean". So exciting, I can't wait to visit the Haunted Mansion in 1963! I wonder if this was the first time the public saw the now-iconic Sam McKim artwork (on the left) - based on a Ken Anderson sketch?

I hope Ginny saved her brochure, maybe I own the very one she was holding!