Thursday, June 13, 2013

Murk McGurk, November 1972

Today's images probably should have ended up in the "reject" pile, but at this point I can't be too choosy. So please excuse the fact that these are dark and murky and possibly haunted. 

Presumably this first picture was taken from the Peoplemover, looking back towards its own loading area. As a bonus we can see the elevator that took guests up to the Rocket Jets. It probably wasn't the most efficient way to move groups of people, but I love it because it was clearly designed to mimic the way real astronauts reached the top of a Saturn V rocket during the Apollo program. 

I guess the Skyway was not operating this day. And you can just make out a sign by the trash can indicating that the Subs were down as well. November qualified as the "off season". Do they have an off season at Disneyland these days?


K. Martinez said...

The gantry lift added to the appeal of the Rocket Jets for me. It created a sort of pre-show excitement. It also contributed to the visual movement of the area along with the rotating Goodyear signs, continually moving PeopleMover and whirling Rocket Jets.

Looks like Gloom Mountain in the second image and seems downright dead in the park. Really enjoying these rejects. Thanks for posting them.

Nancy said...

I remember the first time we visited Kennedy Space Center back in about 1999, and one of my favorite things was to climb the gantry lookout where you could see the launch pad WAY over there. So glad we can still do that at WDW.

Somehow the Astro Orbiter being down on ground level (in a hole practically) is not so appealing for me :( They really ruined that one at Disneyland

I have often wondered, tho, why the Peoplemover trains are slanted and leaning out like that when they are in the station. This is a ride I never got to see there.

Always nice to see some Tomrorowland, murky or otherwise. Thanks!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Oh to hop on that Goodyear rubber ramp up to the full lazy Susan full of Peoplemover cars! Who'd thunk I would miss such a cheesy ride so much. Thanks for the memories.

PS the Astro Orbiter should never have been put on the ground. It belongs at the center up top. Just like the "weenie" Walt said you need to draw people into a specific area.

CoxPilot said...

The Peoplemover trains are NOT slanted, the tops go up for people to get in and out.

Raimundo said...

Overcast and all, wouldn't we love to visit this Tomorrowland again? And WHAT are those alien blobs on top of the elevator tower? They look like a silhouette of E.T.

Anonymous said...

I'd assume the Skyway was down (probably temporarily) because of rain or because it was exceptionally windy. As the Peoplemover (also shut down during heavy rain) is up and running, I'd bet the Skyway was being prepared to reopen soon.

Melissa said...

My first trip to a Disney park was on a gloomy overcast day like this with no crowds. It was great!

Anonymous said...

Those are spotlights on top of the Rocket Jets gantry.

Nanook said...

@Raimundo & Anonymous-

Those are indeed spotlights, but more correctly, Strong (most-likely) Super Trouper follow spots, used for illuminating the old Tomorrowland Stage (where Space Mountain now resides), and perhaps parades or what-have-you. The 'alien blobiness' silhouette is due to the weather-protective covers draped over them.

Nancy said...

Thanks, CoxPilot. I have often wondered about that but always forgot to ask!! :-D

Major Pepperidge said...

K. Martinez, the gantry lift was one of those little details that probably seemed insignificant, but I'm sure there are thousands of people who still remember the thrill of riding what was basically a stripped down elevator. Genius!

Nancy, WOW, I wonder if they still let people up in those gantries at the Kennedy Space Center? I would love to do that. And see CoxPilot's comment below regarding the Peoplemover!

Alonzo, that revolving load platform was so cool, you just don't see stuff like that anymore.

CoxPilot, thanks for answering Nancy's question! Any idea what the mechanism was that lifted the roof tops?

Raimundo, that was the Tomorrowland that I knew and loved so much. And see Nanook's comment below!

Anon, you could be right, it looks so gloomy, although I think the photos exaggerate how gray it actually was. Hard to tell though.

Melissa, any day at Disneyland with low crowds would definitely be great.

Anon and Nanook, I knew they were spotlights, but wasn't sure what they were for. Cool that they were used for the Tomorrowland Stage. I think there were similar lights atop some of the Main Street buildings for night parades.

Raimundo said...

Thanks to all for the info ...otherworldly slipcovers...

Nanook said...


Yes, there are plenty of Super Troupers dotting many a Main Street building's "parapet". Additionally, Disney employes Strong Gladiator follow spots for use with Fantasmic.

Omnispace said...

I love the first photo. One can see the Goodyear display pods along the Speedramp.

Snow White Archive said...

Not a good day to visit DL. Gray skies, subs down, skyway down. Cool pics though.

JG said...

When I rode that gantry elevator, I WAS an astronaut, darn it.

Thanks Major, it shows that there really is no such thing as a bad picture of Disneyland.


JG said...

Major, as I recall, the roofs of the Peoplemover cars were activated by a cam lift mechanism, as the cars came alongside a raised portion of the track, a lever was pushed up which caused the roof to tilt. Then on the way out, the car moved past the raised part and the roof moved back down, all without the touch of human hands.

I was fascinated by this, it was so absolutely "DESIGNED". Somebody really thought through every step.


Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, "Super Troupers" and "Strong Gladiators", those are some badass names.

Omnispace, if only we could see those pods more clearly….

Snow White Archive, even with those rides down, I'd rather go on a gray day with low crowds.

JG, oh I don't know if I would go so far as to say that there is no such thing as a bad picture of Disneyland! I own more than a few that don't even make it to the "rejected" posts.

And thanks for the info about the Peoplemover roofs, that rings a bell somehow, or maybe I just think I read about it. Still, it is a cool, simple design that worked perfectly for decades.