Sunday, May 25, 2008

Tom's Treehouse, January 1960

Everybody loves a treehouse! I know I do. The idea of having a home up in the treetops is appealing for so many reasons. Tom Sawyer obviously felt the same way, given his love of the romance of secret hideouts. And our photographer must have concurred, because he took no less than five nearly-identical pictures of the treehouse on Tom Sawyer Island! I decided to only show you two of them.

That's a pretty good-looking man made tree, it must have been good practice for when they later built a much bigger, more spectacular treehouse in Adventureland. Yes, I'm talking about Fred Glutz's Treehouse. Incidentally, tomato red was apparently a very popular color in 1960. And are those two kids entering where that big "Exit" sign is??

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Unknown said...

Thanks for the shots if the treehouse.

Another attraction I won't get to experience. *sigh*