Friday, May 09, 2008

Columbia, July 1963

Here's a view that I wish I could see again in real life! On board the Columbia, we are so close to Cascade Peak that I wouldn't be surprised if the folks in the picture are feeling mist from Big Thunder Falls! A helpful tourguide is smiling (over to the left), she has her big gold "D" pin on. There's a kid with his Keppy Kap; and I think I see a yellow 1962 guidebook even though this photo is from 1963.

There's our tourguide again, looks like she is having a word with the pilot. I'll call him "Captain Mike". Because I'm crazy. We all know that the Columbia actually runs on an underwater rail, so I wonder if the Captain Mike has any control over the boat at all?


outsidetheberm said...

Always appreciate those 'deck shots'. It looks like the tour guide may be on a microphone pointing out the sights - especially since the crowd seems to be drawn to something on the right.

Anonymous said...

"So I wonder if the Captain Mike has any control over the boat at all?"

Why yes, he does over the forward and reverse of the boat. Ran at a constant speed as I recall. Used a swivel switch...forward to the right and reverse to the left with neutral in between.

And it was fun if not refreshing on hot days to go behind the falls in the Mine Train too.