Monday, May 19, 2008

Blue Viewliner, 1957

Who loves them some Viewliner? Whee-doggies! Then this one is for you. And it's not just a Viewliner, but the rare and extremely camera-shy blue version. Sorry it's a bit blurry... much like taking photos of Bigfoot, trying to capture a Viewliner on the move is tricky business. (Who would like to see my photos of Bigfoot?)

Meanwhile the Skyway heads over Snow Mountain or whatever the heck it was called. Maybe Progressland (Mr. Nomenclature!) can settle this one, since I've mentioned before that it is alternately called Snow Mountain, Snow Hill, and Holiday Hill. Help! Anyway, the hill looks pretty much like what it actually was: a pile of dirt leftover from the various earthmoving projects elsewhere in the park. They put a few trees on it, but you can't fool me!

Also from Tomorrowland, here's a whirlybird headed in for a landing. Wait, it's headed right for us! A giant flying Cuisinart. Oh, the humanity! I can hardly imagine how cool it would have been to arrive at LAX, and then hop on a helicopter to be whisked over the crowded freeways. You'd get a fantastic view all the way (I'd have used up my film by then), and best of all, an aerial view of the park that you were about to enjoy. Whoo hoo!


Jason Schultz said...

Well, Major, if The Nickel Tour is to be believed (and their sources are locked up in the Walt Disney Archives--how convenient!), for the entirety of 1957, this dirt was known as Snow Hill. (It had previously been known as Holiday Hill; later it was known as Snow Mountain.)

The Viewliner Limited said...

"WHAT THE HILL"!!! THE VIEWLINER!!!This is the most awesome piece of machinery ever built by mankind. NO REALLY!!! And blue at that. And I will tell you that flying on the helicopter was truly an event for me. It left such an indelible memory etched in my brain -- that I am still shaking from the experience more than 45 years later. Thanks for all Major.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Ahhhh, Blue Viewliner..... I want to paint my car that color of Blue!!! I think I had a 71 Schwinn Stingray that was that color.

Nancy said...

a rare shot of the Viewliner signage...oh yeah! my favorite sign in all of Disneyland :)

the lovely blue train is a sight to see.