Wednesday, September 05, 2012

Souvenir Wednesday

Don't you wish you could have seen Disneyland on the day of its Press Preview? I know I do. But I was still sitting on a cloud up in heaven waiting to be born. Anyway, today's souvenir selections are related to that historic day. 

I wonder who Robert J. Sullivan was? Obviously he worked at the L.A. Times (I used to work for them!). He probably wore one of those green eye shades and had ink-stained fingers and spoke like a character out of a Preston Sturges film. Hey look, a letter from the Richfield Oil Company! 

Oh man, an invitation to the Press Preview, complete with tickets and a parking pass! In fact you can see the area where the ticket turned the letter brown, and the circular area where the (folded) parking pass was. Apparently Bob was too busy to go (or just not interested), because the tickets and pass were still in the envelope.

And here they are! The silver tickets are the most common, by FAR... I'd love to have one of the gold, metallic green, orange, or white versions (which all had different entry times). Still, it is nice to have an artifact from the big day along with some neat documentation. The parking pass is nice too; a shame they folded it to fit in the envelope, but what can you do. A friend and I divided the two tickets, one for him, one for me; he also got an additional Richfield flyer, I've never seen another one like it. 

I hope you have enjoyed Souvenir Wednesday!


Nanook said...

Those are some right swell souvenirs-!

PsySocDisney said...

Wow thanks for sharing!! What a great piece of history to have.

Rich T. said...

Sooooo cool! :)

Melissa said...

I can't read the signature. Is it "Chairperson?" "Chaperone?" "Charlemagne?" "Chromosome?"

Bob had better have a pretty good excuse for not going.

Thufer said...

How cool is that(?)

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Looks like it's signed by Chupacabra Jones to me.

rimebuster said...

According to Wikipedia, the president of Richfield Oil back in the day was Charles S. Jones, so I'd guess it's his signature (notice "Office of the President" on the letterhead).

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I always wanted one of those opening day tickets!

Hannahx2 and Rich T., thanks!

Melissa, it clearly says "Chlorophyll"!

THufer, it is a 9.5 on the cool scale!

Alonzo, now I wish my name was Chupacabra Jones.

rimebuster, thank you for the info about Charles S. Jones! I could have looked it up, but that would involve effort. And I hate effort!

Chuck said...

This is awesome. And Preston Sturges ROCKS!