Tuesday, September 25, 2012

1964 New York World's Fair

Welcome back to the 1964 New York World's Fair!

Meet the Corythosaurus, who could be found over at Sinclair Oil's "Dinoland". He was around 30 feet long, and his name means "helmet lizard", which coincidentally is the name of my hardcore punk band.    Cory's turn ons: swamps, aquatic plants, long walks on the beach. Turn offs: deadly asteroids and phonies.

Did you know that there was a pavilion celebrating "Hollywood U.S.A" (not to be confused with Hollywood, Uruguay)? It's true! And it looked just like the famous Grauman's Chinese Theater in the real Hollywood (see a photo of it here). They even had hand and/or footprints of contemporary celebrities out front. Here is Hugh O'Brian's slab (complete with embedded gun!)... he was best known to the public as the star of The Life and Legend of Wyatt Earp, which ran on TV for seven years.

Outside the Hong Kong pavilion was this adorable li'l boat. I don't think it's a junk, and I don't think it's a sampan, and at that point my knowledge of Chinese boats is exhausted. 

Spain (or EspaƱa) had a "striking modern pavilion" (in other words a big box). From the souvenir guide book: The country today and its role in the discovery, colonization, and independance of the Americas are portrayed in three attached buildings which enclose a rich collection of exhibition halls, restaurants, and dinner patios. Patios? Why didn't you say so?


Rich T. said...

I love these visits to the '64 Fair!

If that Hugh O'Brian slab appeared at a fair today, I'd give it ten seconds before some Bozo would be prying the gun out with a crowbar...

Snow White Archive said...

A dino, hand prints, a boat and box...what more could one want? In just 4 pics, this really does show the kind of diversity found at the World Fair. Cool.

K. Martinez said...

I love the pic of the boat outside the Hong Kong pavilion. Great coloring.

dennis said...

Hooray! World's Fair pictures!

Nanook said...

Once again, the images from the '64 World's Fair continue to please. Sinclair Oil musta' really loved their dinos-! This one's particularly 'unattractive'. (Talk about a great candidate for a TV reality show makeover-!)

I wonder how many other stars' handprints and other memorabilia found themselves embedded in cement for fair-goers to ogle over-? Interesting that Hugh O'Brien should be there as Wyatt Earp had been off the air for two seasons.

Thanks, Major for these images.

Nancy said...

Beautiful images as always of our beloved Fair. You never fail to please, Major!!

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T, that was my first thought. I wonder if the gun managed to stay there for the whole Fair?

Snow White Archive, it was definitely an amazing place!

K. Martinez, I can't help wondering if that boat was saved after the Fair, or if it was used elsewhere.

Dennis, you always like these!

Nanook, whaddaya mean? That is one of the best looking Corythosauruses I have ever seen!

Nancy, thanks!

Melissa said...

Concrete: From Slab to Shining Slab

Dean Finder said...

You know what that Grauman's Chinese Theater needs? A giant sorcrer hat in front of it. Yeah, that's the ticket.