Friday, September 14, 2012

Instamatic Pix

It's time for another installment of Kodak Instamatic pictures! 

Here's an unusual shot taken in front of the Hills Bros. Coffee House; a mysterious gentleman in a blue sport coat shares a table with a Mouseketeer; holding a microphone is none other than Disney Legend Ginny Tyler! Ginny's voice was heard by zillions of kids as the "Disneyland Storyteller"... I can still hear her as Captain Hook, saying "I'm a codfish!". 

According the the Disney Legends site, When the original "Mickey Mouse Club" was re-edited and repackaged for syndication in 1962, Tyler was appointed Head Mouseketeer, live from Disneyland. A Mickey Mouse Club Headquarters was constructed inside the Main Street Opera House, where Ginny hosted a live 15-minute daily segment of the program.

I sure wish I knew what these three were discussing! Who is the boy? Is that a souvenir map that he is partially holding? Could that man be the producer of the live segments?

Ginny Tyler passed away on July 13th of this year, but she will always be my Disneyland Storyteller!

Somebody forgot to tell the Disneyland Band to follow Mickey Mouse; he's out there all by himself. How embarrassing! Either that or the Band has implemented its advanced cloaking technology. Whatever the case, those two ladies are just plain tickled to see such a big star up close.

And who doesn't love seeing the E.P. Ripley (or any of the Disneyland locomotives) passing by? Man, they keep that thing shiny, you've got to hand it to them.


Nanook said...

The "object" the boy is holding certainly does bare a strong resemblance to a park map - rolled, and not folded-! These are some mighty fine images.

Rich T. said...

I grew up listening to Ginny Tyler on the old, wonderful 101 Dalmations LP. Great memories!

Poor Mickey! I'm half-expecting the Oz Winged Monkeys from the "A Christmas Story" parade scene to come running over to beat him up again!

Melissa said...

The looks on the Mickey-watching ladies' faces are priceless! Seriously, that made my day. They should use that picture in commercials. It's what I imagine I look like when I see Mickey.

Katella Gate said...

I suppose this is the ultimate trivia question: I've always wondered if the wall fountain (seen here in the background of the interview photos) ever actually sprayed water, or was the bowl always cemented over?

K. Martinez said...

Nice photo of Mickey Mouse. I like the Adventureland rooflines in the background.

PsySocDisney said...

Ha that Mickey photo is cracking me up! Reminds me of marching band drill-downs when you accidentally left-faced instead of right and realized a few seconds later that everyone else is on the other end of the field... Or in this case Park. Maybe the rest of the band is in Town Square by now! :)

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I am reasonably sure that the boy is holding a 1962 (blue border) map. Rolled is definitely nice! I have a rolled '61 map (pink border).

Rich T., I had "Bambi", "Snow White", "Peter Pan", and "Sleeping Beauty". I listened to those records over and over!

Melissa, i know, their expressions almost look staged!

Katella, I have no idea if that fountain ever worked; if I was a betting man, I'd say "no".

K. Martinez, I remember when that detail of the double-roofed buildings was pointed out to me when I was a kid. It blew my mind!

Hannahx2, sounds like you might have been in the high school band. Glockenspiel?! ;-)

PsySocDisney said...

Guilty! But no glockenspiel unfortunately :P

Chiana_Chat said...

Mickey is with The Think System Band, in preparation for an actual march down Main St with an actual band in some unknown coming day, an approach pioneered by Professor Howard Hill.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a [former]dancer, I'd say that brave mouse is actually marching backwards, at least for the moment.
His weight is well behind his right foot, as if leaning backwards, and his left knee is bent more than a normal walk, and his left foot is also high, as if reaching backwards. It is possible to get in that position going forwards of course, but it's much more natural going backwards.
Also notice he seems to still be conducting, especially with his empty left hand.
My 2 cents?
Retrograde Mouse Leading.

Snow White Archive said...

Ginny was the best.