Saturday, September 22, 2012

Around the USA, then and now

I'm always fascinated by "then and now" photos - pictures that show a subject the way it was years ago, and then how it looks today. 

Let's start with this great picture from South Orange, New Jersey. Undated, but perhaps from the late 1950's? We are standing in the middle of West South Orange Avenue, near the intersection of Valley Street/Scotland Road. You know where that is! This area has a wonderful ambiance, with lots of mom-and-pop stores, and of course the groovy vintage cars. In the distance you can see the overpass for the commuter rail. South Orange looks like a swell place to live!

Here's how it looks nowadays, thanks to Google's "street view" feature. Still nice, though a lot of that old-fashioned charm has been chipped away in favor of some generic buildings.

Now we're in Jackson, Wyoming, looking south on North Cache Street (from sometime in the 60's). Located in the Jackson Hole valley, it is a popular destination for folks visiting Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone. And Jellystone. Motels, gas stations, souvenirs, ice cream - what more could you want? 

Aaaaand here's how the area looks today. It's so hard to get an exact match on Google, due to the type of lens that they use, the position of Google's vehicle when the picture was taken, and of course the fact that so many landmarks from long ago are not there anymore.

I hope you have enjoyed today's "then and now" installment!


Rich T. said...

Love these cross country trips!

The style of that old Chevron sign just gave me some huge 60's childhood flashbacks. Collectible Chevron recipe book chapters... cardboard hula dancers on "Chevron Island"...

Snow White Archive said...

"Then and Now" posts are always fascinating. Dig the vintage cars (and streets).

Katella Gate said...

Don't worry about the Fact that the Google view didn't line up exactly. I'm giving you an "E" for effort, a mark which is as non-judgmental and meaningless as you will find in ANY Americkan Skoole Distrikkt.

Alonzo P Hawk said...

Love the white wall tires on the cars. You never see those today (unless your at a vintage car show). Luigi would be pleased.
Great post, thanks.

Nanook said...

Ahhh, yes, Rich T, I, too, can hear the sounds beckoning me towards Chevron Island, "Come to Chevron Island... for Wiki-Wiki Dollars"

Major, would have to guess based on identifiable late model vehicles seen there in South Orange NJ, the image is from the early 1950's - unless of course, it was "everyone drive your old car to town day..."

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T, that Chevron sign was the only thing that really told me that the "today" photo was more or less in the right spot!

Snow White Archive, I particularly like the New Jersey pic, personally.

Katella, I am only auditing this class.

Alonzo, there is something great about white walls, but you have to have a classic car to put them on.

Nanook, "…Wiki-Wiki Dollars"? Huh?