Thursday, September 13, 2012

More Vintage Disneyland Wardrobe Department Stuff!

Wecome to the penultimate installment of our look back at the Disneyland Wardrobe Department - courtesy of our pal Huck, as always.

This fellow looks both brainy and adventurous in this April 1966 Jungle Cruise outfit (Winter edition!). And he is ready for the monsoonal floods, judging from the cut of those pants. Hang on to those glasses, dude, they'll be right back in style in another 45 years.

Form June 1969 we see this demure young lady in her Winter "Carrousel of Progress" ensemble. She has aerodynamically efficient hair, which women will need in the future. I assume that the big chunky watch was an official part of the costume?

And here's the Summer version of the same outfit, the only difference is a white skirt. Did I mention the swoopy hair?

Huck was kind enough to send me this followup to a previously posted image; I could see this lass on a Storybook Land canal boat, perhaps. So durn cute!

Stay tuned for one final Wardrobe Department post!


Nanook said...

Just what in the wide, wide world of sports has our Storybook Land lass have up inside her hat-? More hair, perhaps-?

Major - you receive extra points for knowing the correct definition of the word penultimate-! You'd be surprised (maybe not) how many folks get that one wrong.

Rich T. said...

Now, *that* is the perfect outfit for piloting a boat into a whale's mouth!

Alonzo P Hawk said...

#1 High water pants (for the guys) seems to be standard issue in the wardrobe dept.

#2 Very Barbara Feldon/Paula Prentiss looking yound lady. Like the mod red watch band to hold her Mickey.

#3 Swoopy + yodelin' hat = Hubba Hubba

Fun as always, thanks Huck and Major

Melissa said...

It's Buddy Holly, Marlo Thomas, and Sandra Dee!

Love the straw hat. I'm glad she doesn't have to pilot a motorboat with the sun in her eyes.

K. Martinez said...

Nice Storybook Land outfit. Thanks again Huck and Major!

Anonymous said...

And oh how I hated that Jungle Cruise ascot. Normally ended up in my pocket on hot days until the foreman would tell me to put it back on. On days 90 and above,we were allowed to remove it.

Major Pepperidge said...

Nanook, I can't help but imagine your comment in the voice of Slim Pickens! I don't have many excuses to use the word penultimate, so I'm glad I got it right.

Rich T., I know… now when I go on Storybook Land, it will be just a little less awesome because this girl won't be my hostess.

Alonzo, I wonder if there was a (supposedly) good reason for the pants always riding so high?

Melissa, yes - we don't want to make a wrong turn while inside Monstro… who knows where we would wind up!

K. Martinez, that's one of the few outfits you could wear outside the park and not get too many crazy looks. Except for that scarf.

Anon, speaking of the scarf (or ascot?)… that is the one part of the costume that I would want to change, too. It looks too "Beverly Hills" or "Hollywood", and as you say, would not be desirable on hot days.

Melissa said...

My personal theory about why trousers were worn so high until the later twentieth century is that it was some kind of holdover from the days of suspenders and no belt.

Nancy said...

The knee socks with a dress really crack me up.....every time I see a picture of myself wearing them in old family photos!!!

A fun set today. I think Melissa got them right on this time...That Girl!!

Connie Moreno said...

Holy Fashion Week Flunk Out, Batman!