Saturday, September 08, 2012

Blimp Saturday

Don't you wish that every Saturday was Blimp Saturday? Maybe that would be too much of a good thing, just like eating a whole package of pork rinds in one go. (I have still never eaten a pork rind, by the way).

I have little info to accompany these pictures, except that they are from the 1950's, and were part of a lot that belonged to a Navy nurse (who also took these pictures). I expect that one (or more) of my knowledgeable readers will be able to provide some facts!

This almost looks like a gag photo, the woman is wearing a giant blimp for a chapeau! Notice the other blimp in the distance, for double the fun. The clouds and flat landscape look very midwestern to me, but I really have no clue.

This next photo gives a better idea of the sheer size of those airships. The gondola hanging below has a wonderful look, part WWII bomber, park steampunk (and all awesome!). Looks like it was a two-level compartment - for passengers? Maybe the pilot flew looking out the top bubble-window, and then landed using the lower windows. All I know is that I want to commute by blimp.

I hope you have enjoyed Blimp Saturday! Hug a blimp today.


Rich T. said...

The world would definitely be more fun with more blimps! Pizza delivery would be more fun. So would UPS. And imagine the lights at Christmas time! :)

D ticket said...

The ZSG-2 on the cabin denotes:
Z lighter than air
S anti sub warfare mission
G Goodyear (manufacturer)
2 model number

135 of these K class airships were built in Akron and used on both coasts.

That's more of a what, than a where. Maybe Lakehurst, NJ?
Fort Smith Arkansas?

Nanook said...

GDB followers are the BEST-! The collective knowledge appearing here regularly never ceases to amaze.

Thanks D ticket.

K. Martinez said...

I'm amazed by the knowledge of this group too. Great pics today!

Major Pepperidge said...

Rich T, I sometimes get a glimpse of a blimp hovering over Dodger stadium (waaaay in the distance), and it always makes me smile.

D ticket, you da man! Great info... amazing. Thank you for that!

Nanook, you said it!

K. Martinez, I thought these were fun too.

Connie Moreno said...

I'm having a T-shirt made that says I LOVE BLIMPS! By the way, I agree with Rich, totally.

Nancy said...

very cool.....I love big stuff! The blimp tiptoeing up in the background is awesome

Snow White Archive said...

I'm a fan of Blimp Saturday. More blimps. These look very cool. They'd make a great indie movie prop and could double as the aerial camera when you want those costly flyover shots of the zombies.

Wow D Ticket! How do you know these things? I have some unanswered Snow White research questions I should send your way.

Anonymous said...

The little bubble at the upper lever was originally for a .50 cal machine gun, and the doors at the bottom was for the two Mk-47 depth charges. The pilot sat in the lower area, and forward. Radio/radar/electronics were in the aft. Max speed was 80 mph. The designation of ZSG-2 indicates this photo would be after 1954. The last K ship was retired in 1959.