Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Universal Monsters, February 1967

BOO! (Sorry if I scared you). Happy Halloween, everybody!

Halloween has become such a big deal these days, almost as "commercial" as Charlie Brown's Christmas. So I get nostalgic for the the Halloween of my childhood, which seemed so simple and fun. Or maybe that was just part of being a kid, the only thing you had to worry about is which costume you were going to wear (one of those polyester things with the plastic masks held on with a piece of elastic). My greatest triumph was when I was Snoopy, with a light-up nose.

ANYWAY (anybody still there?), take a look at these two lucky kids on a trip to Universal Studios in 1967. Not only are they stylin' in those plaid coats (I had one like that!), but they got to meet the Phantom of the Opera. Here is the poor, deformed Erik, striking a pose....but the kids are having too much fun to be very concerned. They each have a souvenir guidebook, I think I have one from about that time.

Here are those rascals again, in Dr. Frankenstein's lab. "The Munsters" was probably still being shown in repeats in '67. {I don't get why Herman needed to be strapped to that board, he was as nice as can be). Their eyes are glowing red because they have evil demons inside them! The kid on the left has his pasted-on smile for the camera, while the other kid is beyond even trying.

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Todd Franklin said...

Great Halloween post! Happy Halloween!