Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Indian Village & Entrance

Here are two undated slides, probably from around 1956/57. They were taken on a cloudy day, with dramatic stormy skies. There's the peaceful Indian looks like their tipis are brand new...there are no pictograms painted on them yet, and they are as white as can be. If you look at later photos, they are distinctly brown. The Indians themselves are busy with all kinds of activities, from grinding corn to preparing hides to painting their toenails. To the left we can see the mountain lion on top of the rock...I never knew that there was an innocent, unsuspecting deer below him, eternally waiting to be pounced upon.

Earlier in the day, the whole family posed in front of the Train Station and the flower portrait of Mickey. The park looks bright and clean, as does the family! You can see Walt's hand car parked out front, as far as I know it is still there today. Population ten that was a long time ago.


Daveland said...

Major: I think the light of the day has just blown out the pictograms or else the quality of the camera the photographer used; even my 1955 shots of the Indian settlement have them on there. For MS Train Station shot, since the Hard Cart is in it, this set is probably from after 1957; I don't believe it showed up on the tracks until then. Someone at Burnsland can probably deny or confirm that one.

Major Pepperidge said...

Dave, you may be right...and I did consider that they might just be washed out. But I tried darkening the lights way down just out of curiosity and STILL couldn't see any hint of brown or pictographs. Voodoo is the only explanation!

Matterhorn1959 said...

The mom looks she was not good at the Main Street picture she is looking away from the camera and everyone else is looking right at the camera!

Amazon Belle said...

Hello Major! It's been a long time since I've posted but I've been having trouble posting as "myself.” What also catches my eye in the "Friendly Indian" encampment is there are only six Indians present. The boy and his pet dog are missing from the first canoe. Also you can see the pack mule trail along the river’s edge (complete with Moose). And over the trees is the “Living Desert” of the Mine Train. Good to be back!

PS. The “Friendly Indians” is the name of an Orange County band that was made of all Adventureland/Frontierland guys. They were formed and played their first concert for our end of summer banquet. The lead singer and song writer has written a major motion picture and currently has a television show, “PSYCH” playing on the USA channel (after Monk). Tune in and you can hear the band perform the theme song. You will also catch a lot of inside Disney humor flying around. (Dole) Pineapple anyone? Enjoy!