Monday, October 08, 2007

Matterhorn Bobsleds, August 1961

The Matterhorn is still one of the most amazing concepts for a roller coaster, even though it is nearly 50 years old. The idea of building a mountain so that you can bobsled down the icy slopes, through caverns and alpine meadows, careening past waterfalls and splashing through's just cool!

In this first photo we see one bobsled coming down a rushing stream (I honestly didn't remember this part - - then again I think I always wind up in the back because I'm tall) towards one of the ponds that will absorb some of the momentum and allow them to come to a safe stop. To the right, I think the forground bobsled is unloading. Look at the back end, it looks pretty beat up! Whiplash for everybody.

Here's a look at another bobsled (or possibly even the same one seen in the first picture?), hurtling past us. Yee-haw! Wish I could ride it right now.


Matterhorn1959 said...

Very nice early images. I think the wear to the back was due to the station stops (prior to loading) and the water. The Bobsled in both pictures is the same. I love the hats the employees are wearing. I am on the hunt for an example.

Anonymous said...

That worn back end of the sled is rubber, with springs inside, designed to cushion the bumps. I remember seeing them being changed.

William Kelley said...

coxpilot, the sleds use to bump into each other? The braking system now prevents that and, afaik, the sleds don't touch in the loading/unloading area.