Thursday, November 01, 2007

Disneyland trip, June 1956

Here are a few more black and white snapshots from a family trip to Disneyland waaaay back in 1956.

Yep, they captured most of the park's Main Street Station. Wonder what goodies they have in that Emporium shopping bag? The clock says it's only 2:50, can they be heading home already?

And they snapped a picture of the Pirate Ship, only from the less-photographed back side.

And finally dad gets into the act, he and the kid are taking a breather on the benches in Town Square. Note the (partially obscured) sign for "International Street" in the background.


Anonymous said...

Just over the girl's head is a niche in the wall. Judging from the people's postures in the background, it originally held a drinking fountain. Now it contains a dolphin-fish water fountain, the basin of which has been cemented over.

Does anybody have a history for this detail ??? I am compiling a book "Defunct and Former Fountains of Disneyland". Highlights of the book will include the "Liver on a Stick" Entrance fountains for the 1967 Tomorrowland, and a cameo appearance by the former Sleeping Beauty's Castle Wall Fountain.

-Katella Gate.

PS: Serious about the info, not so serious about the book.

Major Pepperidge said...

"Liver on a Stick"???

Anonymous said...

Gentleman sitting on bench with young girl ... is wearing a shirt and tie. Sign of the time. Love these old photos.

Jason Schultz said...

The second photo shows an empty Skyway bucket. Since these were taken in June 1956 and the Skyway didn't open until June 23, the photo likely captures testing before opening to the public.