Sunday, October 28, 2007

Two Pix from 1960

Happy Sunday! For no particular reason, let's go back to 1960 for two Disneyland photos.

There's the Mark Twain, I'll bet you've never seen a photo of that before. Our intrepid photographer is good at reading signs...they are standing at a Kodak picture spot. "MUST TAKE PICTURE". Cascade Peak is looking mighty nice here...I think you can see the bighorn sheep up at the top, too.

Here's part of the east side of Main Street. Let's go buy a padlock, and then go into the Butcher Shop and buy some pork chops (what did they sell there, anyway??), and carry them both around all day. The custodian is looking spiffy in his white uniform. He's just daring us to drop something! That paper parasol is completely useless as far as providing shade, but it looks adorable.

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The custodian in his spiffy white uniform isn't so much there to pick up our trash that's the can for the horses!