Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Disneyland trip, April 1962 (continued....)

Once again, I've programmed my wayback machine to April, 1962 so that we can drop in on our all-American kids during their trip to Disneyland. That lucky girl is holding a delicious fudgesicle...I sure hope she doesn't drip on her spotless dress! Older brother either wasn't hungry or he wolfed his down already...in either case, he's happy. Mom bought him pants that are too long because he's been growing like a weed! I'll bet he's pretty proud of his watch, too, carefully winding it each morning (like I did with my Snoopy watch).

In the background, the little Frontierland bandstand can be seen, as well as Rainbow Ridge, and to the right, Casa de Fritos is just in the frame.

Next is a cute portrait of this crime-fighting duo in a giant teacup. My guess is that this is before the ride, I hope sis manages to keep that fudgesicle down.


Matterhorn1959 said...

In the first image off to the left is the El Zocalo Mexican market. Also notice no door and no chain on the tea cup. I love early Disneyland rides without safety equipment!

Anonymous said...

Well, there is a strap across the door...