Friday, October 05, 2007

Indian Dancers

Where else could you go for some authentic Indian dancing? Well, forty years ago there were probably a number of places (since the country was just crazy about Westerns). But I'd like to think that Disneyland was the best. Members from several different Indian tribes participated, sharing their various dances. In this first slide, we see the "lost contact lens" dance. (Well, there I go, I've probably offended somebody...)

I get a kick out of looking at the crowd almost as much as the dancers themselves. Notice the two cub scouts just to the right of the Indian, looking out from under the fence.

These slides are undated, but judging from the rest of the lot, are from around 1957 or '58. I think it's kind of disappointing that there isn't this kind of thing at the park anymore. I would guess that people would still watch and be it would be a piece of living history that would help make Frontierland feel more authentic (unlike Pirates on the island).


Matterhorn1959 said...

Wow- great shots especially with the people standing on the hill. Today it would be fenced off and a liabiltiy if any one fell.

Stub Winged Bilge Rat said...

Those two cub scouts under the fence are great, and a third to the left on the hill. I have never thought of going to Disneyland as a typical cub den activity, but I'm sure they could have figured out a way to fulfill some kind of badge requirement while they were there. If they had a badge for Disneyland appreciation, it would be the first one I'd want to earn.